Seeing your dermatologist by telehealth

You may have the option of seeing your dermatologist by phone or video chat, known as telehealth.

Telehealth allows you to have an appointment with your dermatologist, from the comfort, convenience and safety of your home or your GP’s office using a smartphone or computer.

For more information on dermatology appointments by telehealth, what to expect and prepare, read our guide Your dermatology telehealth appointment: A five step guide

If you are interested in having your dermatology appointment by telehealth, ask your dermatology clinic when you make your appointment to see if it is right for you and your condition.

A five step guide

Our guide steps you through how to make your appointment, what to think about, what to expect and how to prepare. It includes tips on questions to ask. You can use the editable notes page to write down important information and next steps.

The guide also includes links to support groups for patients with dermatological conditions. Patient support groups provide practical and emotional support to people with skin conditions, their carers and their families. They work to ensure the voices of patients are heard and understood.

We would like to thank Consumers Health Forum of Australia and Choosing Wisely Australia® for their assistance in the development of this guide.



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Patient stories and experiences

I have had psoriasis since I was 7 years old and have gone through a long journey to keep it under control through various treatments prescribed by my skin specialist.

I found telehealth to be a really smooth process. Getting to know my dermatologist in person at my first appointment made me more comfortable to have a follow up appointment with him through telehealth; from the convenience of my home and with a doctor I can trust. 

28 years old. Psoriasis

Seeing my dermatologist can be challenging because I have kids at home and school, so it can be hard to make appointments that don't clash with pickups and drop offs.

The telehealth experience was excellent for me; booked an appointment, received a phone call, and I didn’t have to travel. It could be done at any time during the day. Even with the script, it was posted out for me.
Parent of two children. Psoriasis
The convenience and COVID-19 safe aspect of telehealth was appealing to me. Telehealth also gives you the option where they can see your skin, so I wouldn’t mind the option for a first appointment or follow-up.
28 years old. Psoriasis

My son Billy suffers from a very rare and debilitating skin condition called Epidermolysis Bulossa (EB) that requires daily dressings and medications.

We had our first telehealth appointment in August in which we were able to see all of Billy’s team via an iPad. It was so helpful knowing that we still had the support and comfort from our own home. Billy especially liked it as he didn't have to sit for an hour and a half in the car to the hospital!

Rebecca & Billy
Epidermolysis Bulossa
I have experienced chronic eczema from the age of 2 or 3 and it affected every part of my life; work life, choices I made, and partners. 

Finding the right dermatologist that I connect with is really important to me, and I found that doctor in Canberra. The opportunity to continue to have every second appointment via telehealth to manage my condition, reducing the frequency of those long round trips to Canberra, has been huge for me. 
47 years old. Chronic eczema