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Position Statements

The Australasian College of Dermatologists position statements and fact sheets promote and reflect the views of the College and its Fellows for the purposes of advocacy, education and communication. Position statements address topics that impact College members, health professionals, patients and the community – from guidance and recommendations on dermatology best practice, to information and fact sheets on skin health issues and services for patients, their carers and the community.

Through its position statements, the College aims to provide leadership in dermatology, promote clinical best practice and support optimal outcomes in skin health.

For information on how the College develops its position statements, please view Position and Consensus Statements Policy.

Isotretinoin and acne – August 2023

Adult Eczema
Management of atopic dermatitis in adults – March 2021

Steroids and Children’s Eczema
Steroids and Eczema – September 2022
Fact Sheet – Steroids and Eczema – September 2022
Patient Q&A – Steroids and Eczema – April 2024

Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology
Use of Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology in Australia – November 2022

Treatment goals for psoriasis – March 2017

Skin cancer

Population-based screening for melanoma – January 2024

The College also has a number of resources and factsheets on our dedicated Skin cancer resource hub.

ACD-endorsed statements

Australian Skin and Skin Cancer Research Centre

Cancer Council Australia (CCA)