How can I make a complaint?

Making a complaint 

If you are unhappy with your appointment or the standard of care you have received, you can make a complaint.

Step 1: Speak to your dermatologist about your concerns

Step 2: If you feel you can’t approach the dermatologist directly, or if you are not satisfied with the dermatologist’s response:

    • Make a notification to Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra). Ahpra is responsible for the regulation and accreditation of doctors in Australia.
    • Visit Ahpra’s website for instruction on how to make a notification.
    • Lodge a complaint with your local health complaints commissioner.

Australian health complaints commissioners 

In Australia, AHPRA works with the groups responsible for health complaints in each state and territory. You may need to contact these organisations for particular types of complaints (for example about access to your health information).


Checking registration

Like all health professionals, dermatologists must be registered to practice in Australia. You can check that a dermatologist is registered in Australia at the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority website.