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Mohs Scientists & Technicians Group

After the inaugural Mohs S&T workshop at the College’s Annual Scientific Meeting College has now established a Mohs Scientists & Technicians group specifically. This group comprises of skilled scientists and technicians who process the slides used to specify the amount of tissue removed during the Mohs Micrographic surgical procedure that is used to treat skin cancer.

The purpose of this group is to support education, quality assurance standards, networking and the exchange of information.  The group will be governed by Mohs Technicians from each state in Australia as well as a Mohs specialist and a representative from College.  This group will be provided access to the College’s online platform Connect during the year to discuss the issues surrounding life as a Mohs Tech.  Annually a face to face Mohs S&T meeting will be held at the College’s Annual Scientific Meeting to share knowledge and ideas.

By joining our online community you have the opportunity to join the Executive and shape the future of the Mohs S&T group as well as assist in creating a meaningful agenda for the 2024 Mohs S&T meeting.

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