The College values the wellbeing of all trainees. At college we encourage trainees to speak up and have their voices heard, as we aim to make improvements to ensure college is a safe space for every trainee, to learn and develop their skills free of judgement and prejudice. We value your input in helping college evolve and we are committed to making positive changes that enrich the experience of all trainees in the training program.

National Manger of Wellbeing and Engagement

Caterina De Meneghi is College’s National Manager of Wellbeing and Engagement. Caterina provides individual support and advocacy to trainees for a range of personal and professional matters, providing guidance and resources when needed. Caterina also works closely with the trainee representative committee to address training matters and raise concerns with college. Caterina also runs a bi-annual virtual parents support group and an IMG support group, as well as Mental Health First aid courses throughout the year.

                Caterina De Meneghi
                    National Manager of Wellbeing and                                Engagement
                    02 8741 4108

Please contact Caterina if you have any questions or concerns you would like to  raise with her. 

Policies and Forms

The following policies may be relevant to your circumstances. View these policies here.

Trainees are encouraged to talk to the Wellbeing & Engagement Officer to discuss concerns about their trainee and talk through suitable options.

Prior to submitting Variation of Training or Special Considerations, trainees should advise their Directors of Training of their intentions. Once they’ve advised the Director of Training, trainees can submit the relevant form to admin@dermcoll.edu.au

Wellbeing Resources

The below resources can be accessed by trainees and fellows. This is not an exhaustive list of wellbeing resources and supports available to doctors; however, it may provide you with a good start. Please click on each resource below to find out more. 

Converge International’s Employee Assistance Program is accessible for all trainees, Fellows and staff members of ACD. Converge offers counselling as well as other approaches, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychology.

Converge can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1300 687 327 or you can book an appointment online here

Drs4Drs is a service that was recently launched to support health professionals in need of mental health support. This service was established in response to the growing concern for doctors’ wellbeing. You can call 1300 374 377 or visit drs4drs.com.au

Wellbeing Programs

If you are interested in the below programs, please get in contact with Caterina.

The Wellbeing & Engagement Team are currently planning for the delivery of a Post-training Candidate and International Medical Graduate personal mentoring program. 

Caterina and Ashleigh will be in touch with PTCs and IMGs in the coming months to gain expressions of interest in this optional mentorship. 

The College Wellbeing & Engagement Officers, Caterina and Ashleigh, are trained as Standard Mental Health First Aid Instructors. College intends to train members who are engaged with trainees in supervisory and mentoring roles in Mental Health First Aid Training.

  • Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based program which provides individuals with the ability to appropriately approach and provide support to individuals experiencing mental health challenges or crises.
  • Ashleigh and Caterina are accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructors and run the course twice per year. The College endeavours to train members involved in training to ensure trainees are well supported.
  • The program consists of 12 hours of training, usually undertaken over two days, face-to-face.
  • In 2021, College has generously subsidised this course for participants.