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CPD Education Continuum

CPD Educational Continuum

The CPD Educational Continuum combines the proficiency of medical knowledge with essential professional skills, acknowledging that dermatologists are specialists in their respective areas of practice, relying on a variety of professional skills to collaborate effectively with patients, families, and caregivers. The 8 domains of professional practice for dermatologists are established by the Framework and serve as the foundation for the new ACD curriculum model.  

The curriculum and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program are closely linked in the professional development of dermatologists. The curriculum provides dermatologists with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to practice dermatology, while the CPD program provides opportunities to maintain and enhance knowledge and skills over time.

Medical Expert

Ensuring high quality care and achieving desired outcomes for patients


As Communicators, dermatologists effectively facilitate the doctor-patient relationship and the dynamic exchanges that occur before, during, and after the medical encounter.

Culturally Responsive Practitioner

As Culturally Responsive Practitioners, dermatologists are committed to the continual development of cultural awareness, knowledge and skills, and the importance of providing culturally appropriate and safe care for all their patients and the community.

Health Advocate

As Health Advocates, dermatologists use their expertise and influence responsibly to advocate for health and disease prevention and the wellbeing of individual patients, communities and populations. 


As Professionals, dermatologists are committed to the health and wellbeing of individuals and society through ethical practice, profession-led regulation, and high personal standards of behaviour. 


As Collaborators, dermatologists work effectively within a healthcare team to achieve optimal patient care. 


As Leaders, dermatologists are integral participants in healthcare organisations, they organise sustainable practices, make decisions about allocating resources and contribute to the effectiveness of the healthcare system.


As Scholars, dermatologists demonstrate a lifelong commitment to ongoing reflective learning, critical evaluation of information and the creation, dissemination, application and translation of medical knowledge, Dermatologists commit to teaching, providing feedback to and assessing their colleagues and others.  


Resources pertaining to the CPD Educational Continuum have been created to aid Fellows, CPD Customers and trainees in evaluating their performance and conduct, while also offering avenues for continued education and career growth. To access ACD CPD resources, please log in to the portal.