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At the Australasian College of Dermatologists we are committed to recognising and responding to the diverse needs of patients and communities with cultural sensitivity and clinical expertise.

Key to this is continually growing our understanding of community needs. Community engagement and integrating community perspectives is core to our governance and how we work.

Guided by expert advice

Our Community Engagement Advisory Committee is comprised of external members who are experts in consumer participation, engagement and governance. The Committee provides strategic advice and support to our Board of Directors on integrating community perspectives and understanding of community health care needs and priorities into all aspects of our work.

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The Community Engagement Advisory Committee’s primary purpose is to: 
  • Collaborate with the Board to improve College governance by bringing a community perspective.
  • Collaborate with College’s educational leaders to promote understanding of dermatological health care needs, cultural and community perspectives of care so that College’s educational programs for Trainees, Fellows and IMGs reflect and include these perspectives.
  • Co-design community engagement, policy and advocacy activities and strengthen collaborations for mutual benefit, driving improved skin health outcomes.

Embedding community perspectives

To ensure community perspectives are integrated where they matter most, members of our Community Engagement Advisory Committee are also involved in key College processes and committees. 

Current and past members of our Community Engagement Advisory Committee sit on our Academic Standards Committee and Teaching and Learning Committee informing ongoing refinement and implementation of our training program curriculum.

Others are involved in trainee selection, participating on interview panels, and as part of our Professional Standards Committee and review panel for Scientific Research Grant applications.

Community Engagement Advisory Committee members also play a key role in providing frank and honest feedback as part of the Australian Medical Council’s accreditation review processes.  


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Partnerships and collaboration

We, and our Fellows, also work in collaboration and partnership with patient support groups and a range of other organisations to design, deliver and help promote campaigns and resources aimed at raising community awareness, supporting timely access to care, shared-decision making and improved skin health outcomes. 

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Collaborative community awareness campaigns highlighting the impact of skin, hair and nail conditions

Patient Support Groups gallery

Working with patient support groups to hear consumer perspectives and share clinical expertise

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Our advocates are Fellows who actively represent College in our community engagement activities.

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Many of our Fellows contribute in an individual capacity to the work of patient support groups