Dermatological Surgery and Procedures Workshop

Dermatological Surgery and Procedures Workshop

Successful GP workshop delivered 8-9 July in Melbourne

Dr Edward Upjohn convened a very successful 2-day Dermatological Surgery and Procedures workshop in Melbourne on 8-9 July, ably assisted by Dr Lauren Young, Dr David Gill and Dr Tim Rutherford. Dermatology registrars Charles Xie and Toy Tancharoen also attended together with Angelique Ross (dermatology resident Royal Melbourne) and assisted in the practical pigs’ belly sessions.

This popular workshop forms one module of the Certificate in Primary Care Dermatology course which is regarded as the definitive training in dermatology for GPs.

A unique feature of the workshop is the hands-on practice on pigs’ bellies. GPs put theory in practice and work on their basic surgical skills – suturing, ellipse and ellipse variations – to more advanced flaps, with skilled facilitators who are fellows of the College.

Some images from the weekend

Highlights of the workshop for participants

“I found the presentations short, sweet and effective for learning”

“Clearly presented and relevant information targeted at an appropriate level”

“Dermatologists led with experiences and hands on teaching. They were very friendly and approachable”

“Learning from experts about how to improve basic skin excision techniques”

“Opportunity to practise with experts available”

“Being able to ask lots of questions about different circumstances/ issues in derm surgery”

How will participants apply the knowledge and skills from the workshop?

“I’ll use a wider variety of sutures and closure techniques”

“I’ll be more proactive about skin lesions. Perform more opportunistic skin checks and perform more biopsies”

“I have never felt confident to use efudix or aldara but will start doing this now”

I will implement a follow-up system.

 “Improved documentation. Thorough consent forms”

“Improved awareness of pitfalls and potential complications and indications for specialist treatment”

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