Mentoring Program

Mentoring occurs in a wide variety of contexts for a number of different purposes, providing an important resource of skills, knowledge and support at significant periods of transition within the College’s programs.

Informal mentoring of trainees is run at state faculty level with the support of Directors of Training of each state. Additionally, formal mentoring forms a significant part of College’s support provided to International Medical Graduates (IMGs), Post-training Candidates (PTCs) and Candidates in Difficulty (CiDs).

The College’s mentoring program aims to provide:

  • additional support for Post-training Candidates (PTCs) and Candidates in Difficulty (CiDs) to facilitate their successful completion of their respective College programs
  • orientation and support for IMGs undertaking training and upskilling
  • a structure for mentors to assist PTCs, IMGs, ABTSIs and CiDs to achieve specific goals in the context of their study in the College’s programs.

Mentees will have access to academic mentoring and personal mentoring.

Academic mentoring focuses on professional development in the academic and/or clinical aspect of the mentee’s work. One of the main goals is to assist the mentee in reaching learning goals towards the fulfilment of required exams and assessments, as well as helping the mentee to clarify career goals.

Personal mentoring focuses on facilitating the mentee’s understanding and ability to work within the workplace structure and culture. One of the main goals is to assist the mentee in becoming a full participant in his or her academic, professional and community context, which may include providing assistance with cultural matters. It also includes attentiveness to the mentee’s psychological well-being, such as encouraging a healthy work-life balance, and taking steps to seek appropriate support (such as a counsellor) if there are concerns about the mentee’s emotional or psychological state.


Support for Mentors

The College delivers support and training for mentors through blended learning through the Mentor in the Workplace module. The online portion of the module is available on the College’s eLearning portal.

Resources for Mentors

The Mentoring Policy can be found HERE

Guide for Mentors of Post-Training Candidates DOWNLOAD

Guide for Mentors of International Medical Graduates DOWNLOAD

Guide for Mentors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Trainees DOWNLOAD