Specialist Recognition

Specialist Recognition Assessment Pathway

The Specialist Recognition Assessment Pathway is for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are recognised dermatologists in their country of training and have passed all of their training and examination requirements. IMGs are required to apply under the Specialist Recognition Assessment Pathway if they wish to obtain specialist medical registration and practise independently as a specialist dermatologist in Australia.


Prior to an IMG’s application to ACD, applicants must apply to the AMC for verification of their qualifications and issuing of an ECFMG International Credentials Services (EPIC) number. Refer to the AMC website for verification of qualification time frames.

Once the AMC has issued the IMG applicant with an AMC number and EPIC number, the applicant should complete the pre-application questionnaire available on the College website. College will assess this questionnaire within 5 working days to determine eligibility to apply for Specialist Recognition.

If the IMG is eligible for Specialist Recognition they will be invited to submit an application and may be required to attend an interview. College will provide the necessary information and fees will apply.

Incomplete applications will be returned after a period of 6 months and any fees paid will be non-refundable

Outcomes of the Assessment

Upon completion of the College’s assessment of the IMG the following outcomes are possible:

  1. Not comparable: The process is complete and the applicant is ineligible for specialist recognition.
  2. Partially comparable:
    • undergo further training of 6, 12 or 24 months supervised clinical training
    • be required to sit part or all of the Fellowship examinations
    • undertake further training within an approved College accredited training position
    • be required to apply for a training position, if any become available
    • may have to wait 1-3 years before being offered a training position
    • upon successful completion of the training the IMG is recommended for specialist recognition to the Medical Board of Australia
  1. Substantially comparable: recommendation for Specialist Recognition

The length of assessment process and possible subsequent interview is dependent upon the availability of interview spaces.

It is strongly recommended that you review the Australasian College of Dermatologists’ Curriculum prior to applying. This will give you an idea of the broad range of subject areas covered in the College’s 4 year training program. Please contact the college offices at acdimg@dermcoll.edu.au for an electronic copy of the curriculum. Alternatively, a brief outline of the curriculum can be viewed: here

The table below provides information on the assessment outcomes of applications received in the last five years:

Year No. NC PC
24 Months exams
12 Months
6 months


2013 11 2 2 2 5 0
2014 9 3 2 2 1 1
2015 13 5 4 3 0 1
2016 8 5 0 1 0 2
2017 7 2 2 1 1 1

No.= Number of Applications
NC = Not comparable
PC = Partially comparable
SC = Substantially comparable

Applicants who gained their specialist dermatology qualification through the Royal Australasian College of Physicians do not need to apply for verification of their qualifications with the AMC. Applicants should contact the College office for a separate reference number to enable them to complete the ACD IMG Application Form.