Availability of Training Positions

Availability of Training Positions

All International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are assessed by the College IMG committee as Partially Comparable will be required to undertake a period of 6, 12 or 24 months (full-time equivalent) of upskilling clinical training under supervision and may be required to sit part or all of the Fellowship examinations.

The purpose of the upskilling clinical training period is:

  • to familiarise the IMG with dermatology practice in Australia
  • facilitate assessment of practice performance
  • address any deficiencies
  • to confirm that the IMG has the skills and attributes to an Australian dermatologist
  • to confirm the recommendations of the assessment

It is the responsibility of the IMG to obtain a training position for the designated upskilling clinical training period. The IMG Committee will, however, make the final determination whether the position is a college accredited position and that the training program is appropriate for the applicant according to the outcome from the College assessment. Occasionally the college or its representative may be able to advise on the availability of suitable positions. IMGs may have to wait 1-3+ years, depending on the availability to obtain a training position. The job/training vacancy will be advertised on the college’s website.

Once the position has been offered to the IMG and the College has approved the position, the clinical training period will formally commence and the IMG has four years to complete the requirements for Fellowship.

The table below provides information on the average waiting period in the last 4 years to obtain a required training position.

Partially Comparable – Required Training Period Average waiting period to secure an accredited  position
6 Months 1 year
12 Months 1-2 years
24 Months 1-3+  years


The table below highlights the number of fellows and trainees there are in Australia as of 31 December 2017 and where they are located:

State Fellows Trainees
New South Wales* 215 38
Queensland 105 23
South Australia** 48 14
Victoria*** 164 30
Western Australia 53 7
585 112

* Includes Australian Capital Territory
** Includes Northern Territory
*** Includes Tasmania