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Posted 1 year ago

The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling (ACMS) were asked to consider proposed amendments to the listing of finasteride and sanguinarine in the Poisons Standard. The proposed amendment to finasteride, currently listed as a schedule four entry, was to include it as a new schedule three entry as well as a schedule four. College’s submission to the ACMS disagreed with this proposed change and supported keeping its listing as is. ACMS interim decision is to retain finasteride as a schedule four entry.

The proposed amendment for sanguinarine was for this substance to be added to the Poison Standard as a schedule 10 entry. There is no listing for sanguinarine in the current Standard. College strongly agreed with scheduling this substance as a schedule 10, given its risks to patients and consumers. ACMS interim decision is to list sanguinarine as a Schedule 10 entry.

More information on ACMS interim decisions is available on the TGA’s website.