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GP Practical Dermoscopy course

The course fulfilled all my learning expectations. I feel more confident in both using the dermatoscope in skin lesion assessment and in deciding an action plan for suspicious lesions. It has already changed my practice. The online clinic provided a very effective learning forum – having to commit to a diagnosis and management plan as though the patient were in front of you was challenging but a truly excellent way to learn. The cases were very relevant to General Practice and the opportunity to ask questions of Jim and Ben and the other course members was absolutely invaluable. Highly recommended and excellent value for money.

~Dr Barbara Uhlenbruch

This course was fantastic – it was pitched at the right level and the course repeated important points, so much better for learning than any day or weekend course!
My confidence in all things dermatology has increased greatly and I would highly recommend it. The lecturers are very approachable and entertaining. I am looking forward to doing further courses with them.

~Dr Kathryn Lim

The GP Practical Dermoscopy course is ideal for GPs with little to no prior background knowledge of dermoscopy. The course has been invaluable. I now am able to confidently pick up a dermoscope, recognise suspicious lesions and know how to manage them. The course set-up is wonderful, from the facilitators to the workshop to the final exam. I could not recommend this course highly enough to anyone out there who is looking to learn about dermoscopy or to build their existing knowledge. Well worth it! Thank you ACD!

~Dr Nora Sadek

I would highly recommend the GP Practical Dermoscopy course to anyone with an interest in or exposure to skin related presentations. The program is a highly engaging – with a mixture of online modules, virtual clinics and a face-to-face workshop. What sets this apart from other dermoscopy courses is the amount of interaction you get with course modulators (all ACD certified dermatologists) who are always available to answer any questions. What you get isn’t the checklist understanding of skin diseases you get from other courses, but a real understanding and appreciation for the true nuances of dermatology.

~Dr Rose Liu

I am pleased to recommend this excellent course to other GP’s. It is a most practical course which is very well organised. The highlight and unique feature is the virtual outpatient clinic.
There is easy access to experts who are happy to help.

~Dr Susannah Warwick

The course is practical and relevant to general practice. At the end of the course, i gained confidence in identifying suspicious lesions and come up with a management plan. I have avoided unnecessary excision of benign lesions, i am more comfortable doing skin checks and advising my patient appropriately, knowing that i did not miss and suspicious lesions. The virtual clinic honed my eyes on using the dermatoscope to commit to a diagnosis. The workshop was very useful in reinforcing surgical skills and also tackled management options for skin cancers. highly recommended.

~Dr Karen Gebusion

This is the best skin cancer course i have done so far among many courses i have done. The course content was excellent and relevant to general practice, face to face workshop was great and virtual clinic gave an excellent opportunity of learning and interaction with teachers. It was also great value for money, considering the course was delivered by specialist dermatologists from ACD. Hope to attend more courses from ACD. Thank you.

~Dr Prajwal Tuladhar

I found the course significantly improved my skill in identified skin cancers & other skin lesions. Thoroughly enjoyable.

~Dr Jessica Witherspoon

This course is a must do for any GP who performs skin checks. I diagnosed two tricky melanomas this year from knowledge acquired during the course virtual clinic discussions.

~Dr Munther Zureigat

One of the best courses I have done so far. Enthusiastic teachers, excellent resources. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering coming.

~Dr Sukhwinder Singh Marwaha

I would highly recommend this course to any medical professional who is looking to develop dermoscopic skills to diagnose and manage both benign and malignant lesions. This course delivers content via a variety of platforms allowing you to learn at your own pace. The virtual clinic enables you to diagnose and commit to a management plan without worrying about consequences of being incorrect. Both Dr Muir and Dr Carew provide prompt and personalised feedback on the virtual clinic which truly enhances the learning experience. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in dermoscopy and managing skin cancers

~Dr Linda Chan

This was the best course I have done as a GP. On-line tutorials covered skin examination technique, pathology, correct terminology, dermoscopic approach to lesions and treatment options, then reinforced with over sixty virtual clinic cases in which our answers were reviewed by very experienced and helpful dermatologists. The excellent hands-on session in Brisbane developed our surgical techniques at either novice or advanced skill levels. It was well worth the travel for interstate participants. I strongly recommend this course for GPs to ensure subtle skin cancers are not missed.

~Dr Jennifer Ireland

I would highly reccommend this course to any GP hoping to improve their dermoscopy knowledge and skill base. A good overall approach to pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions was taught and reinforced in the workshop and online case discussions. The teachers, being experienced dermatologists with dermoscopy expertise, were passionate and enthusiastic, willing to give regular case by case individual feedback. Long term reinforcement of knowledge was a benefit of the course running over several months. Relevant literature updates were also dispersed, allowing a sense of cutting-edge dermoscopy knowledge. This course was excellent overall.

~Dr Stephen Thomas

MOHS Micrographic Surgery

I completed the Mohs Surgery Fellowship at The Skin Hospitals in New South Wales. The program was conducted across two sites – Westmead and Darlinghurst – which allowed exposure to different mentors, techniques, theatres and allied staff.The fellowship was orchestrated by Dr Simon Lee who took over the position from the long-serving Associate Professor Paver. Simon is approachable, generous, well-organised and an excellent teacher. The other mentors, with over 60+ years of Mohs surgery experience between them, unsurprisingly provide an enormous breadth of clinical and surgical experience.The case mix was varied, with ample chance to participate in large cases and complex repairs. In particular, there is a close relationship with several visiting oculoplastic surgeons enabling exposure in this field. In addition, once per month, Dr Shawn Richards held a GP list with a focus on chemical peels and ablative laser such as the treatment of rhinophyma.The fellowship was set up to enable learning via surgical assistance for the first three days of the week, then performing Mohs surgery under supervision on the fourth day of week when confident. The fifth day of the week was reserved for one’s own private clinic.I enjoyed my fellowship year immensely. The skills I acquired have helped me to become more confident in all aspects of procedural dermatology and I would not hesitate in recommending this fellowship to anyone with a similar interest.

~Dr Nicholas Stewart FACD

I completed my Mohs Fellowship at Dermatology Specialist Centre/North West Private Hospital in 2016. I was fortunate to have superb mentors in the three training Mohs surgeons (Drs Gaspar, Francis, and Pagliaro). Over the year they closely assessed my skills, both positively and critically, in a fashion that resulted in continued improvement throughout the fellowship. Having worked as a general dermatologist for the three years prior to the fellowship, in hindsight my ability to perform more complex procedures was limited, and I very much value the skill set acquired during this 12 months. Each of the three training fellows approaches problems with a different philosophy and surgical technique, adding valuable depth to the experience.

~Dr Dougal Coates

I have completed my accredited Mohs Fellowship at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia in January 2015.  The friendly and professional surgical team, led by Associate Professor Robert Paver, was extremely supportive during the course of my training.  The training provided exposure to a large number of cases with a breadth of complexities, and the opportunities to participate in the treatment of highly challenging cases with large tumour bulk and complex repairs, under close supervision, have been invaluable.  In addition, there were opportunities to constantly improve one’s individual surgical competence through challenging cases performed under independent settings, with the knowledge that assistance will be available if required.

The fellowship also included training in the use of lasers for the management of surgical scars and other dermatological conditions.

I would recommend this fellowship to anyone who aspires to become a competent Mohs Micrographic Surgeon.

~Dr. Chin-Yun Lin
BSc(Med), MBBS(1st Hons), FRACP, FNZDS

The ACD Mohs fellowship is a very well organised and structured program ensuring coverage of topics important to the development of a Mohs fellow. Interacting with college staff was painless as they were very efficient and quick to respond to queries.
My fellowship was an enjoyable year with a good variety of cases including multiple complex cases. Surgical faculty were very supportive and approachable throughout my fellowship. There was a good balance of supervision and independence with an abundance of hands-on surgical time as the primary surgeon.

~Dr. David Lim

I completed my Mohs Micrographic Surgery Fellowship at Oxford Day Surgery and Dermatology in Perth, Western Australia. The training was very well organised and structured. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to train under five different Mohs Surgeons at the practice – A/Prof Vinciullo, Dr Tai, Dr Smith, Dr Borchard and Dr Cherian. Each of them had their own way of approaching problems, hence adding to the experience of the fellowship. The training offered me exposure to a large number of cases, with different complexities. All staff at Oxford Day Surgery and Dermatology were extremely supportive and helpful. Overall, it was a highly enjoyable Fellowship and a great learning experience. I would highly recommend it to dermatologists who are interested in undertaking a Mohs Micrographic Surgery fellowship.

~Dr Peggy Chen



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