SJS/TEN study

For Fellows and Trainees

Posted 1 year ago

The management of SJS-TEN is a controversial area.

In this study, Dr Hoang Ly and Dr Alain Tran aim to evaluate the views of SJS/TEN management amongst dermatologists in Australia. The survey will cover questions about preferences for hospitalisation, skin care, supportive management and adjunct systemic therapies. Questions are scored from 1 to 5 (strongly agree to strongly disagree).

The Annual Scientific Meeting in Adelaide in 2020 will host Dr Neil Shear from Canada, who is an expert in this field. Dr Ly and Dr Tran hope to present the results of the survey at the meeting. Your participation would be greatly appreciated, as a high response rate will certainly help facilitate discussion.

Participation in the survey is voluntary and all responses will be kept confidential and de-identified. This study has been approved by the Southern Adelaide Clinical Human Research Ethics Committee.

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