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Posted 10 months ago

Up to $15 million of funding is available for the Medical Research Future Fund Clinical Trials Activity- 2019 Rare Cancers, Rare Diseases and Unmet need Initiative (RCRDUN).

Applications to this grant opportunity must propose a clinical trial that addresses a gap in current research and/or knowledge in rare cancers, rare diseases and areas of unmet medical need.

The objectives are to utilise clinical trials to:

  • Test the effectiveness of interventions for which a commercial return is unlikely to be achieved due to low patient numbers or where it is not possible to obtain an enforceable intellectual property right
  • Support increased and equitable access and participation in clinical trials
  • Provide high-quality evidence of the efficacy of new health treatments, drugs and devices utilising, where appropriate, the research capabilities of existing clinical quality registries
  • Engage health service delivery partners that will support implementation of study findings into practice, as quickly as possible
  • Expand clinical trials activity in Australia by supporting new controlled clinical trials or alternatively, where justified, innovative and adaptive trial designs and precision medicine trials that take individual genetic variation into account in disease treatment
  • Deliver outcomes that are a priority for the Australian public, including community engagement and involvement during conceptualisation, development and planned implementation of projects.

Applicants are encouraged to seek strategic partnerships involving organisations whose decisions and actions affect Australians’ health, health policy and health care delivery in ways that improve the health of Australians.

Grant documents can be accessed on Grant Connect ID GO 3228 or emailing Alison Smith at College.

Applications close on 5 February 2020 with minimum data due on 22 January 2020.