The Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc. donates prize money of $1,000.00 annually in honour of the late Dr John Fewings. Dr Fewings was a young dermatologist who died suddenly. This prize commemorates his interest in contact dermatitis.

This Prize is awarded at the College Annual Scientific Meeting for the best paper in the Contact Dermatitis Symposium.

The prize could be used to assist in publishing the paper. The source of the prize should be acknowledged with the paper’s appearance.

2018 Dr Rachael Davenport
2017 Dr Danit Manor
2016 Dr Harini Rajgopal Bala
2015 Dr Claire Higgins
2014 Dr Ryan Toholka
2013 Dr Stephanie Tizi
2012 Dr Ann Boyapati
2011 Not awarded
2010 Dr Bruce Tate
2009 Not awarded
2008 Not awarded
2007 Not awarded
2006 Dr Jason Williams
2005 Dr Susanne Freeman
2004 Dr Rosemary Nixon
2003 Dr John Sullivan