The New South Wales Faculty donates prize money of $1,000.00 in honour of the late Dr Eileen Collins.

Dr Collins was a distinguished and popular Fellow of the College and held a number of positions in the New South Wales Faculty, as well as for the Federal College. Dr Collins died in April 2009.

The prize is awarded at the College Annual Scientific Meeting for the best paper or poster presentation by a New South Wales registrar. The winner is determined by a selection committee from the New South Wales Faculty.


  • Dr Hanna Kuchel (Secretary)
  • Dr Monisha Gupta (DoT)
  • Dr Nita Agar

The prize could be used to assist in publishing the paper. The source of the prize should be acknowledged with the paper’s appearance.

2019 Dr Linda Chan
2018 Dr Cathy Zhao
2017 Dr Shelley Hwang
2016 Dr Andrew Lee
2015 Dr Dr Burcu Kim
2014 Dr Deshan Sebaratnam
2013 Dr Michelle McRae
2012 Not awarded
2011 Dr Claire Koh
2010 Dr Georgia Frost