The ACD awards $5000 from the College’s Scientific Research Fund for the best presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting. Formally the F. & E. Bauer Foundation Prize, the College is pleased to continue the legacy of Dr Fred Bauer. Dr Bauer was a Fellow of the ACD who wished to donate funds for a suite of awards. He had a specific interest in research, particularly in immunology.

The ACD ASM Prize can be awarded to members of College, associated medical graduates, non-medical graduates and visiting dermatologists at our Annual Scientific Meeting. The prize recipient is selected by the AJD Editorial Committee.

The College encourages the recipient to use the prize money to assist in publishing the paper in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology. The source of the grant must be acknowledged in the publication.

2018 Dr Jenna Rayner
2018 Dr Edmund Wee
2017 Dr Rashi Minocha
2016 Professor Diona Damian
2016 A/Prof. Nikolas Haass
2014 Dr Victoria Mar
2013 A/Prof. Nikolas Haass
2012 Dr Anne Halbert
2011 Associate Professor Gayle Fischer
2010 Professor Rodney Sinclair
2009 Dr Jonathan Ng
2008 Dr Ian McCrossin
2007 Associate Professor Robert Miller
2006 Dr Rosemary Nixon
2005 Dr Linda Martin
2004 Dr Stephen Gilmore
2003 Associate Professor Steven Kossard
2002 Dr Robert I. Kelly
2001 Dr Li-Chuen Wong
2000 Dr Gayle Fischer
1999 Dr Anne Halbert
1998 Dr Ian McCrossin
1997 Not awarded
1996 Dr Diona Damian
1995 Professor Robin Marks
1994 Dr Gayle Fischer
1993 Dr Maureen Rogers
1992 Associate Professor Katherine Georgouras
1991 Dr Elizabeth Willsteed
1990 Dr Anne Halbert
1989 Not awarded
1988 Not awarded