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Posted 10 months ago

As part of a new NPS MedicineWise educational program, a new resource for people who are prescribed opioids for non-cancer pain in hospital has been released.

The resource, Managing pain and opioid medicines, was developed in consultation with the Queensland Clinical Senate and Society of Hospital Pharmacists and tested in the surgical wards and emergency departments of four hospitals in Victoria and Queensland, by hospital staff and inpatients. It has three key elements to support people who are prescribed opioids:

  1. Five questions people are encouraged to ask their health professional before leaving hospital with opioids
  2. Tips for taking and storing opioids at home
  3. A personal pain management plan that should be developed in conjunction with a health professional.
Choosing Wisely Australia recommends not to continue opioid prescription for chronic non-cancer pain without ongoing demonstration of functional benefit, periodic attempts at dose reduction and screening for long-term harms.

To find out more go to to NPS MedicineWise website. If you have any questions, please contact Choosing Wisely.