National Skin Cancer Action Week – 18-24 November 2018

Posted 5 years ago

This week College has been pleased to partner with Cancer Council Australia for National Skin Cancer Action Week – an annual campaign to remind Australians of the importance of sun protection and early skin cancer detection.

This year, the focus of the campaign is on teenagers and tanning with the message of ditch your tan this summer and #OwnYourTone.

The latest results from Cancer Council’s National Sun Protection Survey has shown that an alarming 62% of teenagers say their friends think a tan is a good thing.

In light of the findings, Cancer Council Australia and ACD are calling on teenagers and young adults to own their skin tone, embrace their natural beauty and protect their skin from the sun.

The National Skin Cancer Action Week press conference was held in Brisbane on Sunday. Dr David Francis (ACD President-elect), Dr Haley Bennett (ACD Director Policy, Engagement & Advocacy), Dr Andrew Miller (ACD President), Prof Sanchia Aranda (CEO Cancer Council Australia), Prof Michael Kimlin (Cancer Council Queensland and University of the Sunshine Coast), Lana Elliott (patient advocate)