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eGroup Guidelines

College e-groups are College-enabled forums for Fellows to mutually exchange ideas and seek information. The collective wisdom of our membership is a valuable resource for learning. Open discussion and healthy debate on topics is encouraged as debate creates learning, if done with intent to learn.

The forum is to be a safe place to express an opinion. Professionalism displayed in this forum is integral to the maintenance and enhancement of collegiality amongst Fellows of the College and reflects on the reputation of College.

The forum has proved to be a very useful learning tool and as such, participation attracts CPD points.

Following recent AMC accreditation, College has determined a set of guidelines regarding membership of the College ‘Dermo’ e-group.

Dermo Egroup Aims

The purpose of the Dermo e-group is to provide an accessible online forum to discuss the diagnosis and management of clinical matters as they pertain to patient care. This may include dermatological research related issues.

Journal Egroup Aims

The purpose of the Journal e-group is to provide an accessible online forum to discuss any interesting journal article in the AJD, BJD, JAAD, or Archives.

Expected behaviour by Members of the eGroup

  • Show respect to all members
  • Post what you would be happy to receive
  • Post what you believe would stand up to community, AMC and legal scrutiny
  • Ensure that all clinical photographs are de-identified
  • Ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained
  • Should you disagree or take issue with a post, respond to the content and its logic without commentary on the person posting or in a manner that is derogatory or deprecatory.

General rules for posting on the eGroup

  • Please write concisely
  • Stay on topic
  • Use a meaningful title for your thread
  • Start a new thread for a different problem
  • For convenience of future searches, reply to that particular thread
  • Do not post a new matter on another’s thread, as it interrupts that topic of discussion
  • Do not use a thread for a private conversation
  • Ensure that personal differences are not dealt with via posts displayed to everyone
  • Please avoid personal, identifiable information or embarrassing content
  • Do not post content that violates copyright
  • Do not submit a post that requires readers to download a large attachment; better to provide a link to the information
  • Due to copyright please only include the link to a journal article (i.e. PUBMED or journal homepage). Do not attach the articles unless they are open access.

Inappropriate Use

The e-Group is a College resource. College resources are not to be used for:

  • Personal gain, such as market research or advertising or promoting a product, service or business
  • Airing complaints and concerns; please direct these privately to the Honorary Secretary
  • Political purposes
  • Personal discussion eg. pets, holidays, family, sport
  • Discussion about Trainees
  • Distribution of non-medical pictures, text, links or cartoons
  • Sourcing donations
  • Personal correspondence to another member – please refer to ACD member directory for individual email addresses
  • Posting discriminatory, self-deprecating or denigrating remarks, comments designed to be-little, humiliate, intimidate or discourage. Such content violates the College Code of Conduct and the Board approved Anti-Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Policy, and may be grounds for a grievance to be lodged by an aggrieved party or for College to directly intervene as below.

Please refrain from posting or responding to non-College sanctioned surveys where results may not be representative of the College fellowship as a whole. Information gained from surveys not distributed by College remains the property of the distributor and College is unable to vouch for the security of this content.

College bears the responsibility for the content of information of the e-group which is considered to be a public forum.


Any comments should be sent to the Honorary Secretary:

After submitting you will receive an email from Yahoo inviting you into the egroup. Please check your junk mail.

You will need to accept the invitation in order to join the egroup.

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