New South Wales Faculty


State Faculty Executive
Chair CI.A/Prof Saxon Smith
Chair-Elect Dr Keng Chen
Immediate Past Chair A/Professor Pablo Fernandez Penas
Secretary Dr Hanna Kuchel
Treasurer Dr Stephen Donoghue
Director of Training Dr James Choi (not for election, 2y)
Director of Training-Elect Dr Li-Chuen Wong
Director of Mentorship Dr Nina Wines
State Examiner Dr Liz Dawes-Higgs
Rural Representative Dr Michelle McRae
Academic Representative Dr Rhonda Harvey
Registrar Representative Dr Vivian Tng

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2017 Hospital HoDs & SoTs
Hospital Head of Department Supervisor of Training
The Canberra Hospital Dr Andrew Miller Dr Diana Rubel
Concord Hospital Cl Professor Stephen Lee, AM A/Prof Sam Zagarella
Liverpool Hospital Dr Monisha Gupta Dr Ian McCrossin
Mayo Private Hospital Dr Ian Hamann Dr Ian Hamann
Dr Reichan Walther
Orange Base Hospital Dr Derek Davies Dr Derek Davies
Premier Dermatology, Kogarah Prof Dedee Murrell Dr Linda Martin
Prince of Wales Dr Glenda Wood Dr David Wong
Royal Newcastle Dr Paul Chee Dr Rod Gillespie
Royal North Shore Dr Alan Cooper Dr Pam Brown
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Prof Wolfgang Weninger Dr Patricia Lowe
SCF Darlinghurst A/Prof Stephen Shumack, OAM Dr Hanna Kuchel
SCF Westmead A/Prof Robert Paver A/Prof Pablo Fernandez-Penas
Dr Ian Hamann
South Coast Dermatology A/Prof Duncan Stanford A/Prof Duncan Stanford
St Vincents A/Prof Kurosh Parsi Dr Margot Whitfield
Sydney Children’s Hospital A/Prof Orli Wargon Dr Jacqueline Matulich
Westmead Hospital A/Prof Pablo Fernandez-Penas Dr James Choi
Westmead Children’s Hospital Dr Peter Hogan Dr Li-Chuen Wong
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Meeting Dates
Meeting Date & Time

John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle – Annual Clinical Meeting in combination with the NSW College Annual Faculty Meeting

 9:00 AM Saturday, 24th March 2018


2017 AGM Minutes
Teaching Hospital Speciality Clinics
Phototherapy List
Current NSW Clinical Trials


Academic Positions held by NSW Faculty Fellows
The University of Sydney

  • Wolfgang Weninger – Professor
  • Alan Cooper, OAM –Clinical Professor
  • Stephen Lee, AM – Clinical Professor
  • Diona Damian – Professor
  • Pablo Fernandez Penas – Associate Professor
  • Gayle Fischer – Associate Professor
  • David Cook – Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Patricia Lowe – Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Nita Agar – Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Jillian Wells – Clinical Associate Lecturer
  • Sam Zagarella – Clinical Associate Professor
  • Kurosh Parsi – Adjunct A/Professor, Faculty of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
  • Stephen Shumack, OAM – Clinical Associate Professor
  • Saxon Smith – Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Li-Chuen Wong – Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Andrew Satchell – Clinical Senior Lecturer
University of New South Wales

  • Dedee Murrell – Conjoint Professor
  • Orli Wargon,OAM –  Conjoint Associate Professor
  • Glenda Wood, AM – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
  • David Wong – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
  • Christine Morrow – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
  • Keng-ee Thai – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
  • Margot Whitfeld  – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
  • Kurosh Parsi – Conjoint Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine
  • Annette Wegman – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
  • Ian Hamann – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
  • Liang Joo Leow – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
  • Linda Martin – Conjoint Lecturer
  • Monisha Gupta – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
  • Frances Tefany – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
  • Richard Wittal – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
  • Rhonda Harvey – Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Australian National University (ANU)

  • Kate Drummond – Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Andrew Miller – Senior Lecturer
  • Diana Rubel – Senior Lecturer
University of Wollongong

  • Duncan Stanford – Clinical Associate Professor
Western Sydney University

  • Robert Paver – Conjoint Associate Professor
Macquarie University

  • Keng-ee Thai – Lecturer
  • Liang Joo Leow – SenClinical Lecturer
Newcastle University

  • Geoff Watt – Conjoint Lecturer
  • John Sippe – Clinical Tutor
  • Paul Chee – Conjoint Senior Lecturer