Colin’s Story

Colins’s Story

Living with psoriasis for almost 35 years

Product manager and father-of-three, Colin, 47, developed psoriasis as a teenager.

“At 13 years of age I developed a severe rash on my legs. I wasn’t sure what it was, so I visited my General Practitioner (GP), who diagnosed me with psoriasis, and gave me an ointment to treat it.

“The ointment was fairly messy and spread all over my sheets and clothes. I was recommended another ointment further down the track which was a bit easier to deal with, but it didn’t offer me much relief,” said Colin.

After a particularly severe psoriasis flare-up in his early 20s, Colin’s GP referred him to a dermatologist for specialist advice.

“When I was diagnosed with psoriasis, I wanted to learn more about it, and how to keep it under control.

“My referral to a dermatologist helped me achieve just that. It was great to find someone who specialised in the area,” Colin said.

“I was relieved to discover exactly what it was, and the various treatment options available to me.”

Before meeting with a dermatologist, Colin knew very little about dermatology as a specialty.

However, soon after his first visit, he learned about the extra four years of training they undergo and the broad range of conditions they treat.

“After establishing a relationship with my dermatologist, I felt extremely confident that they would know the best course of action for me to pursue,” said Colin.

Phototherapy, Colin’s main form of treatment for psoriasis, has proven particularly effective in keeping his condition under control.

With his psoriasis now more manageable, Colin is able to enjoy his passion for running and cycling, along with spending time with his family. His positive experience with a dermatologist has allowed him to confidently self-manage his condition.

“I now know how to control my psoriasis should it flare up again, given the expert advice I’ve received from my dermatologist.

“Should my wife or kids experience any sort of skin, hair or nail health-related problem moving forward, we’ll head to a dermatologist fairly quickly,” Colin said.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any skin, hair or nail problems, ask your GP for a referral to a dermatologist.

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