Patient & Expert Stories

Patient and Expert Stories

See our expert specialist dermatologists and patients talk about importance of seeing a dermatologist for effective diagnosis and diseases management.

Expert Stories

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Dr Alexandra Varol

Dr Alexandra Varol reflects on the underlying message of the survey
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Dr Michelle Rodrigues

Dermatology, her passion for treating pigment disorders, and the Australasian College of Dermatologists
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Associate Professor Chris Baker

25 years as a dermatologist, and the role of the Australasian College of Dermatologists

Patient Stories

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Tony’s Story

Tony reflects on the importance of skin checks
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Jeffrey’s Story

Close call for father‐to‐two who was diagnosed with skin cancer after a chance meeting with a doctor
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Simone’s Story

Using phototherapy at her dermatologist’s recommendation to treat her psoriasis
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Daniel’s Story

Under the expert care of a dermatologist specialising in skin pigmentation (vitiligo)
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Colin’s Story

Living with psoriasis for almost 35 years