Prizes and Awards

The ACD recognises excellence and outstanding contributions to dermatology by our Fellows and trainees through a number of prizes and awards offered each year.

The Adrian Johnson Memorial Prize has been established to commemorate the late Dr Adrian Johnson, the inaugural Editor of the Australasian Journal of Dermatology. This prize is awarded for the best paper or publication in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology by a College trainee in a calendar year. The committee determining the winner comprises the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal and the Chief Censor.

Type: Trainee Grant

For: Best paper or publication in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology by a College trainee as a lead author in a calendar year.

Who’s Eligible: College Trainees

Amount: Up to $3,000

Awarded: The Editor-in-Chief of the journal and the Chief Censor make a recommendation to College each year in early February.

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • The first listed author must have the work submitted or accepted for publication in a year in which they are in an accredited training program of the Australasian College of Dermatologists or on approved leave from such a program. Co-first authorship is not accepted.
  • All forms of articles can be considered.
  • The emphasis should be on originality with a message of importance. Quality of the submission will also be considered.
  • One prize is awarded from articles published in each volume of the Australasian Journal of Dermatology.

The Award

  • A prize will be presented at the College Annual Scientific Meeting in recognition of the prestige of the prize.
  • Only the trainee, or their representative, will be invited onto the stage to receive the award.
  • The award will consist of:
    • Free registration at the Annual Scientific Meeting of College at which the award is presented.
    • Twelve month Synergy subscription to the British Journal of Dermatology as long as Wiley Blackwell
    • Publishing remain the publisher of the Australasian Journal of Dermatology.
    • $200 book voucher from Wiley Blackwell Publishing as long as they remain the publisher of the Australasian Journal of Dermatology.
  • The Journal will publish a paragraph congratulating the authors.
  • The Journal will publicise the award.

The prize may not be awarded if an article of suitable standard has not been published in the volume.

Past Recipients
2022 Dr Dale Jobson
2021 Dr Samuel Der Sarkissian
2020 Dr Matthew Howard
2019 Dr William Cranwell
2018 Dr Margit Polcz
2017 Dr Charles Xie
2016 Dr Casey Rowe
2015 Dr Emma Mooney
2014  Dr Deshan Sebaratnam
2013 Dr Nicholas Stewart
2012 Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan
2011 Dr Erin McMeniman
2010 Dr Sally De Zwaan; Dr Saxon Smith
2009 Dr Paul Cherian
2008 Dr Emma Haverhoek
2007 Dr Timothy Rutherford
2006 Dr Yee Jen Tai
2005 Dr Basit Mirza


The ACD awards $5000 from the College’s Scientific Research Fund for the best presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting. Formally the F. & E. Bauer Foundation Prize, the College is pleased to continue the legacy of Dr Fred Bauer. Dr Bauer was a Fellow of the ACD who wished to donate funds for a suite of awards. He had a specific interest in research, particularly in immunology.

The ACD ASM Prize can be awarded to members of College, associated medical graduates, non-medical graduates and visiting dermatologists at our Annual Scientific Meeting. The prize recipient is selected by the AJD Editorial Committee.

The College encourages the recipient to use the prize money to assist in publishing the paper in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology. The source of the grant must be acknowledged in the publication.

2018 Dr Jenna Rayner
2018 Dr Edmund Wee
2017 Dr Rashi Minocha
2016 Professor Diona Damian
2016 A/Prof. Nikolas Haass
2014 Dr Victoria Mar
2013 A/Prof. Nikolas Haass
2012 Dr Anne Halbert
2011 Associate Professor Gayle Fischer
2010 Professor Rodney Sinclair
2009 Dr Jonathan Ng
2008 Dr Ian McCrossin
2007 Associate Professor Robert Miller
2006 Dr Rosemary Nixon
2005 Dr Linda Martin
2004 Dr Stephen Gilmore
2003 Associate Professor Steven Kossard
2002 Dr Robert I. Kelly
2001 Dr Li-Chuen Wong
2000 Dr Gayle Fischer
1999 Dr Anne Halbert
1998 Dr Ian McCrossin
1997 Not awarded
1996 Dr Diona Damian
1995 Professor Robin Marks
1994 Dr Gayle Fischer
1993 Dr Maureen Rogers
1992 Associate Professor Katherine Georgouras
1991 Dr Elizabeth Willsteed
1990 Dr Anne Halbert
1989 Not awarded
1988 Not awarded

Dr Collins was a distinguished and popular Fellow of the College and held a number of positions in the New South Wales Faculty, as well as for the Federal College. Dr Collins passed away in April 2009.

The prize was awarded to the following recipients.

2019 Dr Linda Chan
2018 Dr Cathy Zhao
2017 Dr Shelley Hwang
2016 Dr Andrew Lee
2015 Dr Dr Burcu Kim
2014 Dr Deshan Sebaratnam
2013 Dr Michelle McRae
2012 Not awarded
2011 Dr Claire Koh
2010 Dr Georgia Frost


The Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc. donates prize money of $500.00 annually in honour of the late Dr John Fewings. Dr Fewings was a young dermatologist who died suddenly. This prize commemorates his interest in contact dermatitis.

This Prize is awarded at the College Annual Scientific Meeting for the best paper in the Contact Dermatitis Symposium.

The prize could be used to assist in publishing the paper. The source of the prize should be acknowledged with the paper’s appearance.

2019 Dr Adriene Lee
2018 Dr Rachael Davenport
2017 Dr Danit Manor
2016 Dr Harini Rajgopal Bala
2015 Dr Claire Higgins
2014 Dr Ryan Toholka
2013 Dr Stephanie Tizi
2012 Dr Ann Boyapati
2011 Not awarded
2010 Dr Bruce Tate
2009 Not awarded
2008 Not awarded
2007 Not awarded
2006 Dr Jason Williams
2005 Dr Susanne Freeman
2004 Dr Rosemary Nixon
2003 Dr John Sullivan

The F. & E. Bauer Foundation provides $4,000.00, to be awarded annually to any visiting dermatologist or visiting professor invited to the Annual Scientific Meeting or to a State function or seminar of College. Dr Fred Bauer was a Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists who wished to donate funds for a suite of awards. He had a specific interest in research, particularly in immunology.

The grant is awarded, after recommendation by the Board of Directors, to a visiting dermatologist or visiting speaker who has worked diligently during the meeting and whose teaching and contribution has been considered outstanding and of considerable help to College. If the recipient of the prize has read any papers, they must offer one of them to the Editor of the Australasian Journal of Dermatology.

This grant can also be used to assist a visiting dermatologist invited to one particular State, to go interstate for teaching purposes. This money can be available for travel and accommodation to each State Faculty, as far as possible in rotation. This is dependent on the State Faculty matching the grant equally.

2013 Professor Timothy Berger
2012 Professor Theodore Rosen
2011 Professor Glenn Goldman
2010 Professor Jean Bolognia
2009 Professor Anne Burdick
2008 Professor Jean Krutmann
2007 Professor Elise Olsen
2003 Dr John Arlette
1998 Dr Peter Mortimer
1992 Professor Klaus Wolff