The Australasian College of Dermatologists was established in 1967 as the medical college responsible for the training and professional development of medical practitioners in the speciality of dermatology.


Traditionally, dermatology was seen as a branch of general medicine and dermatological training had been undertaken mainly through the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) or through the United Kingdom equivalent. Increasingly, Australian dermatologists became aware of the need to establish their own training program.

In the early 1960s, a group of dermatologists in New South Wales and Victoria, and in particular led by Dr John Belisario, moved to establish their own college. This occurred officially in 1966, when the College was inaugurated in Sydney by H.E. the Governor of NSW, Sir Roden Cutler.

In May 1967, the first meeting of the College Council took place. The College was established as a national Australian and New Zealand association. While the New Zealand group broke away in the 1970s, the NZDS works closely with the College.


This award is given in recognition of contribution to international dermatology outreach.

2020 Dr Claire Grills
2019 Prof Prasad Kumarasinghe
2018 A/Prof Gillian Marshman
2017 Dr Margot Whitfeld
2016 Dr Tim O’Brien

This award is given in recognition of contribution to dermatology research.

2021 Prof Gayle Fischer OAM
2020 Professor Diona Damian
2019 Professor Shyamala Huilgol
2018 Professor Peter Soyer
2017 Professor John W Kelly
2016 Professor Gary Halliday

Fellows who have rendered exceptional/meritorious service to College.

2021 Dr Douglas Gin
Dr Adrian Lim
Dr Jane Woods
Dr Monisha Gupta
Dr Paul Chee
Dr John Su
2020 Dr Kerry Crotty
Associate Professor Rob I Kelly
Dr Karen Koh
Dr Lynda Spelman
Dr Bruce Tate
2019 A/Prof Geoff Cains
Dr Peter Cowen
Dr Anne Lewis
Dr Cornelius Meehan
Cl A/Prof Saxon Smith
Dr Julie Wesley (posthumous)
2018 2018Dr Philip Bekhor
A/Prof Peter Foley
Dr Anne Halbert
Dr Shawn Richards
Dr Howard Studniberg
2017 Dr Ivan Simmons
Cl A/Prof Carl Vincuillo
Dr Terence Casey
2016 Dr Pamela Brown
Dr Judith Cole
Dr David Cook
Dr Alan Donnelly
Dr Timothy Elliott
A/Prof Greg Goodman
Dr Jeremy Horton
Dr Gillian Marshman
Dr Jennifer Menz
Dr Catherine Reid
Dr Michael Rich
Dr Ivan Robertson
Cl A/Prof Duncan Stanford
Dr Clare Tait
Dr Lachlan Warren
2015 Dr Patricia Lowe
Dr Leon Wall
2014 Dr Harvey Rotstein (posthumous)
Prof. George Varigos
2013 Ms Rosie Cavaleri (NSW)
2012 Dr Mei Mui Tam (VIC)
2009 Dr John Coates (QLD)
Dr Stephen Shumack (NSW)
2008 Dr Caroline Mercer (QLD)
Ms Rosie Cavaleri (NSW)
2006 Cl. A/Profesor Stephen Lee (NSW)
Dr Warren Weightman (SA)
2002 Dr Mervyn Gold (QLD)
Dr John Auld (QLD)
Professor Peter Hersey (NSW)
Emeritus Professor Gerald Milton, AO (NSW)
Professor David Weedon, AO (QLD)
2000 Dr John Haworth Allison
Dr Frederick Edwin Anderson
Dr Lancelot McCready Armstrong
Dr Brian Harold Bartlett
Dr John Seymour Brooks
Dr Denis Morley Clarke
Dr Howard Presswood Coats
Dr Anthony Earl Cronin
Dr Brian Roger Entwisle
Dr Adrian Geoffrey Finley
Dr Brian Florance
Dr Jennifer Foo
Dr Patrick Burnham Fox
Dr Miles Tom Havyatt
Dr Brian Henry Rowland Hill
Dr William James Jamieson
Dr Leo James Kelly
Dr Raymond Henry King
Dr Emery Kocsard
Dr Derek Alexander Larnder
Dr Montague Bernard Lewis
Dr Bruce Stephen Mackie
Dr Jean Mason-Johnson
Dr Brian McGaw
Dr Arthur Hector McGeoch
Dr Louis Albert Musso
Dr William Barnes Muston
Dr David Scott Nurse
Dr Michael O’Loughlin
Dr Clyde Petherbridge
Dr Kenneth George Poyzer
Dr John Morrell Rae
Dr John Henry Steele-Smith
Dr John Richard Tonkin
Dr Bruce Cairncross Turnbull
Dr Walter Barry White
Mr James Bennett
Ms Tessa Milne
1999 Dr David Wong
Dr Chris Commens
1998 Professor Robin Marks
Dr Alan Cooper
Dr William Land
1997 Dr Lewsbe Abbott
Dr Lance Cains
Dr William Regan
Dr Richard Armati
Dr Alan Cooper
Dr Eric Taft
Dr Geoffrey Hunter
Dr John Brenan
Dr Wallace de Launey
Professor Graeme Beardmore
Dr John R Kelly
Dr William Land
Dr Alan Watson
Dr William Ryman

In memory of the late Mervyn Gold, OAM, of Rockhampton, Queensland, to recognise the contribution of Fellows to rural and regional dermatology.

2021 Dr Gordon Rennick
2020 Dr Perry Wilson
2019 Dr Irene Grigoris
2018 Dr Deborah Holt
2017 Dr Lloyd Hale
2016 Dr Neville Collins
Dr Ian McCrossin
2015 Dr John Coates
2014 Dr Roderick Peek
2013 Dr James Rohr
2012 Dr Terence Connors
2011 Dr Ian Hamann
2010 Dr Colin Parker
2009 Prof Robert Miller

This award is given in recognition of contribution to College and/or its Faculties.

2021 Dr Phillip Lane
Dr Michael Webster
Dr Tim O’Brien
Dr Thomas Delaney
Dr Christopher Clay
Prof Peter Soyer
2020 Dr Michelle Goh
Dr Daniel Hewitt
Dr Craig James
Dr Matheen Mohamed
Associate Professor Erin McMeniman
Professor Pablo Fernandez Penas
Dr Robert Salmon
Dr Victoria Shepherd
Dr Graham Thom
2019 Dr David Burdon-Jones
A/Prof Alvin Chong
Dr Kerry Crotty
Dr Rodney Hannaford
Dr Vanessa Morgan
Dr Hugh Roberts
Dr Catherine Scarff
2018 Cl A/Prof Kurt Gebauer
Cl A/Prof Chris McCormack
Dr David Orchard
Dr Chris Quirk
Cl A/Prof Laura Scardamaglia
2017 Dr Fiona Bruce
Dr Con Dolianitis
Dr Catherine Drummond
Professor Pablo Fernandez-Peñas
Dr Lynette Gordon
Dr Hanna Kuchel
Dr Victoria Mar
Dr Rodney O’Keefe
Dr Gayle Ross
Dr Timothy Rutherford
Dr Phillip Swarbrick
Dr Belinda Welsh
2016 Dr Nita Agar
Dr Philip Bekhor
Dr Jennifer Cahill
Dr Hock Cheng Chua
Dr Catherine Faulkner
A/Prof Peter Foley
Cl A/Prof Kurt Gebauer
Dr Martin Haskett
Prof Shyamala Huilgol
Dr Adriene Lee
Dr Adrian Mar
Dr Rob Miller
Dr James Muir
Dr Shawn Richards
Dr Jo-Ann See
A/Prof Greg Siller
Dr Ivan Simmons
Dr Peter A Sinclair
Dr Ernest Tan
A/Prof Sam Zagarella

Past Office Bearers


Year President
1966-68 Dr J.C. Belisario, CMG CBE ED
1968-70 Dr R.F.A. Becke
1970-71 Dr A.G. Finley, OBE
1971-73 Dr R.G. Park
1973-75 Dr L.G. Abbott, OAM
1975-77 Dr E.H. Taft, AM
1977-79 Dr  M.T. Havyatt
1979-81 Dr M.J. Deakin
1981-83 Dr L.J. Cains
1983-85 Dr J.A. Brenan
1985-87 Dr W. Regan, AM
1987-89 Dr J.G. Reid
1989-91 Dr B.H. Bartlett, AM
1991-93 Dr J.B. Rohr
1993-95 Dr R.P. Armati
1995-97 Dr J.R.A. Sippe
1997-99 Dr W.A. Land, AM, RFD, AE
1999-01 Dr D.C. Hill
2001-03 Dr J. Butler, AM
 2003-05 Dr J. Auld
2005-07 Dr A. Howard
2007-09 Dr G. Wood, AM
2009-11 Dr I. McCrossin
2011-13 Dr W. Weightman
2013-15 A/Prof S. Shumack, OAM
2015-17 A/Prof C. Baker
2017-19 Dr Andrew Miller
2019-21 Adj. A/Prof David B. Francis
2021- Dr Clare Tait

Year Honorary Secretary
1966-67 Dr L.G Abbott, OAM
1967-71 Dr L.J. Cains
1971-74 Dr W. Regan, AM
1974-76 Dr D.A.W. Downie
1976-88 Dr R.P. Armati
1988-92 Prof A.J. Cooper, OAM
1992-96 Dr G.B. Crosland
1996-99 Dr D.Y-S. Wong
1999-04 Cl Prof S. Lee, AM
2004-09 A/Prof S. Shumack, OAM
2009-12 Dr C. Reid
2012-13 Dr P. Artemi
2013-15 Dr P. Lowe
2015-18 Dr A. Satchell
2018-19 Professor Ingrid Winship
2019- Dr Anna Braue

Year Honorary Treasurers
1966-67 Dr M.B. Lewis
1967-69 Dr J.S. Brooks
1969-71 Dr J.J. Connolly
1971-78 B.H. Bartlett, AM
1978-82 Dr W.J. Flood
1982-86 Dr R.H. Linden-Smith
1986-90 Dr I.D. McCrossin
1990-96 Dr W.J. Ryman
1996-04 A/Prof S. Shumack, OAM
2004-09 Dr J. Coates
2009-10 Dr A. Miller
2010-12 Cl A/Prof C. Vinciullo


Year Chair, Audit Committee
2012-15 Dr Jeremy Horton
2015-17 Dr Andrew Miller
2017-18 Dr Robert I Kelly
2018-19 Dr David Francis
2019-2021 Dr Claire Tait
2021- Dr Adriene Lee

Year Chairmen Board of Censors
1967-73 Dr E.H. Taft, AM
1973-75 Dr G.A Hunter
1975-78 Dr J.A. Brenan
1978-81 Dr W.E. de Launey
1981-84 Prof G.L. Beardmore
1984-87 Dr J.R. Kelly
1987-93 Dr W.A. Land, AM
1993-96 Dr A.B. Watson
1996-99 Dr C.A. Commens
1999-02 Dr J.C Auld
2002-05 Dr W. Weightman
2005-08 Dr C. Mercer
2008-10 A/Prof C. Baker
2010-12 A/Prof G. Fischer


Year Chief Examiner
2012-14 Dr Tim Elliott
2014-15 Dr Duncan Stanford
2015-16 Dr Bruce Tate
2016-18 Dr David Burdon-Jones
2018-2020 Dr Catherine Drummond
2020- Dr Daniel Hewitt