College Governance Structure

The College’s governance structure comprises:

  • The Board of Directors:
    • a skills-based Board currently comprising 2 elected Directors (President and President-elect) and 5 appointed Directors (3 Fellows and 2 Independent)
    • Sub-committees of the Board (Audit and Risk; Nominations and Governance; Investment)
  • Several Committees reporting directly to the Board, some with trainee and/or external/community representation:
    • Academic Standards
    • Professional Standards
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
    • Community Engagement Advisory
    • Expert Advisory
    • Rural & Regional Services
    • Awards
  • Education and training operational committees that report to the Academic Standards Committee
  • The Trainee Representatives Committee
  • Other operational and special interest committees

Key to College’s governance, with a functional but non-reporting role, are the 5 College Faculties. These sit at the interface between the College, Fellows, trainees and the health system, and have a direct link to the Board and the College Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Staff employed by the CEO provide secretariat, operational and strategic support for committees.


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