Medicare Benefits Schedule: changes to Dermatology items from 1 Nov 2018

Posted 5 years ago

As of 1 November 2018, a number of changes to MBS dermatology items will come into effect as part of the MBS Review. College has developed a Factsheet with the revised list of dermatology items, including a summary of the key changes and rationale.

Briefly, key changes include:

Laser excision of face or neck tumours

  • Modification of Items 30190 and 30191 to exclude common lesions that are not severely disfiguring tumours
  • Changing ‘confirmed by specialist opinion’ to ‘confirmed by the opinion of a specialist in the specialty of dermatology’

Treatment of benign and malignant neoplasms

  • Deletion of Item 30195 due to over-servicing and safety concerns
  • Mandating of histopathology for Item 30196, with an allowance that dermatologists can proceed with billing where a specimen has been submitted for histologic confirmation
  • Deletion of Item 30197 due to over-servicing and misuse. Removal of multiple lesions can be billed under Item 30196

Treatment of malignant lesions by liquid nitrogen cryotherapy using repeat freeze-thaw cycles

  • Mandating of histopathology for non-dermatologists for Item 30202
  • Deletion of Item 30203, due to evidence of over-servicing and misuse. Removal of multiple lesions can be billed under Item 30202
  • Deletion of Item 30205 as it is not considered best practice

Definitive removal of palmar or plantar warts

  • Deletion of Items 30185 and 30186 as they are considered obsolete and no longer reflect best practice

Mohs micrographic surgery

  • Restriction of Mohs Items to ACD-approved Mohs surgeons and introduction of three new Mohs Items (31003-5)

Vermilionectomy using laser

  • Mandating biopsy confirmation of atypia prior to laser vermillionectomy for Item 45669


  • Consolidation of Items 14050 and 14053; upper limit of 150 treatments per patient over 12 months; requirement that initiation and supervision of treatment is by a dermatologist

Laser photocoagulation

  • Several modifications to Items 14100 – 14124, including: updating descriptors to reflect current terminology; consolidation according to area of treatment; and requirement for photographic evidence to be captured

Click here to view the MBS Dermatology Items Factsheet or contact Haley Bennett at if you have any questions.