Hugh Cunningham – Psoriasis Patient Profile

Hugh Cunningham – Psoriasis Patient Profile

“My advice is to go to a GP and get referred to a dermatologist, pronto.”

Hugh CunninghamHugh Cunningham first noticed something was amiss with his skin in 1990, but it was not until two years later that he was diagnosed with psoriasis.

“I was depressed and embarrassed about the way my skin looked. I didn’t want to go to the beach or the pool because I felt disfigured. My General Practitioner (GP) prescribed creams which didn’t work and then other creams that didn’t work, until we finally agreed that the situation was unacceptable and I was referred to a specialist,” says Hugh Cunningham.

Hugh was referred to South Australian dermatologist Dr Warren Weightman in 1994 and has been seeing him every two to three months since then.

“Dr Weightman is very caring, approachable and competent. He put me onto weekly self-injections of embril and a weekly methotrexate tablet. My psoriasis has improved so much that it is virtually not there and now I only need to see Dr Weightman every six months,” says Hugh.

“The healthcare system in Australia is fantastic. They are covering the high cost of the embril and I have never had a problem getting access to the care I need.”

In his spare time, Hugh enjoys playing the organ, brushing up on his computer skills and dining with his wife. He is also looking forward to the arrival of a new grandchild this year.

“Having psoriasis has not stopped me from doing anything in my life. I don’t think people know a lot about the condition, so have been trying to educate my friends. People often get it confused with cirrhosis of the liver!” says Hugh.

“My advice is to go to a GP and get referred to a dermatologist, pronto. Don’t keep trying things that don’t work.”