Media Releases

2018 Media Releases

Melanoma March 22 March 2018
Sunscreen is not a suit of armour 12 January 2018


2017 Media Releases

Are you getting the best in skin cancer surgery? 13 December 2017
Nevus awareness month 27 November 2017
Early detection is key 20 November 2017
Building the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dermatologists 13 November 2017
Epidermolysis bullosa awareness week 23 October 2017
Melanoma diagnosis with one click 16 October 2017
New Australian clinical trials provide hope for the treatment of alopecia areata 4 September 2017
Rural dermatology goes west 7 August 2017
Vitiligo: A more visible problem in our community 17 July 2017
Improving patient care with teledermatology 3 July 2017
Professor H Peter Soyer profile 30 June 2017
Australia at the forefront of treating adult acne 19 June 2017
Angelique Lambros acne patient profile 16 June 2017
Dr Jo Ann See profile 16 June 2017
College supports Government research investment 31 May 2017
Make up stops skin ageing 15 May 2017
What’s new in dermatology? 10 May 2017
New liquid biopsies for melanoma detection 9 May 2017
Beyond skin deep 9 May 2017
The great botox debate 8 May 2017
Pregnancy and psoriasis 7 May 2017
Itching for nail fashion 7 May 2017
Hedgehog inhibitors for skin cancer 6 May 2017
It started from scratch 5 May 2017
Hugh Cunningham – Psoriasis patient profile
A fresh approach to psoriasis 10 April 2017
Dr Warren Weightman profile
Are you at risk of skin cancer? 20 March 2017
Are you using your sunscreen correctly? 6 March 2017
Dr Alvin Chong profile
Charles Harcoan- skin cancer patient profile
Re-education on the chronic condition of eczema needed 27 February 2017
Steroid phobia for kids with eczema needs to stop  6 February 2017
Associate Professor Gayle Fischer’s profile
Eczema patient profile
Have you had your skin checked this summer? 23 January 2017
Australian melanoma rates on the rise
16 January 2017
Do you have a story on skin health?  January 2017


2016 Media Releases

First online skin directory by Australian dermatologists
offers essential free information
National Skin Cancer Action Week puts the spotlight on sun protection
ACD supports global antibiotics awareness week