Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic dermatology

Posted 5 years ago

College is launching the Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Dermatology in August. This online course is the first component of the ‘Master of Cosmetic Dermatology’ being developed by a team of Fellows under the guidance of Prof Greg Goodman. This course, offered by College as a Higher Education Provider, is aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). As such it is a nationally recognised postgraduate qualification.

The Graduate Certificate is comprised of 4 core and 1 pre/co-requisite subject. The initial subject offering, Cosmetic Dermatology I: An Introduction, provides an in-depth look at the process of ageing and photoageing, what occurs in the ageing process to all the individual layers and components of the skin will take place and evaluation of the ageing face taking into account such variables as gender and ethnicity. There are also sections on how to divide up the face to further facilitate individual patient evaluation, a discussion on the ageing of hair and nails and concepts of beauty.

Enrolments are now open (limited places) for an August 6 start date. The enrolment fee for this subject is $1,500.

For more information on what this course entails from a scheduling and work-load perspective please consult the College website under the Training and Education link ‘Training for Fellows’.