Board Director

Miss Genevieve Dolan

Miss Dolan is a senior executive working in corporate services, media and public relations, corporate communications, crisis and reputation management and brand and advertising.

Her progressive career has been developed domestically and internationally within both the private and government sectors in large, geographically disparate, multinational companies with complex organisational layers.

Her experience also includes leadership of corporate and media communication teams supporting both local and global audiences, executing integrated stakeholder engagement initiatives and managing critical stakeholder relationships, particularly during periods of crisis and change.

She has recently relocated to the United States of America and was formerly the Executive Director, Corporate Services at the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC; Victoria) having previously held the role of Executive Director, Strategic Communication, Engagement and Protocol at DPC and has previously worked at the Department of Justice and Regulation (Victoria), Vanguard Investments and consulted to the Department for Education (United Kingdom).

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