Genomic medicine survey

For Fellows and Trainees

For Health Professionals

Posted 1 year ago

Australian Genomics is seeking non-genetic medical specialists who work clinically in Australia to complete a survey about genomics in healthcare- present and future.

It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t know much about this, or don’t currently incorporate genomics into your practice; your opinions, views and experiences are valuable. Your input will help shape future workforce practices and continuing education and training programs.

Click here to complete the 15-minute anonymous, online survey by 30 September 2019.

Any enquiries can be directed to Dr Amy Nisselle.

Note: this survey is not for clinical geneticists, oncologists or general practitioners as we are undertaking separate projects in these areas. This is an NH&MRC-funded Australian Genomics activity (University of Melbourne HREC 1646785.8).