Dermatology for General Practice

Psoriasis and Other Papulosquamous Disease


Developed and delivered by Australian trained and based Dermatologists.

The aim of this online course is two-fold:

  • to familiarise you thoroughly with psoriasis and some of its more ‘common’ clinical/morphological variants and to provide the facts required to confidently manage patients with mild to moderate psoriasis. In general, severe psoriasis should be referred to a dermatologist
  • to familiarise you with some of the more ‘common’ papulosquamous diseases you may encounter in your general practice

Participants will complete online modules and learn directly from our experts.  This course is designed to be engaging, flexible and totally relevant to your needs in day to day practice. 

Detailed course content, date and fee information provided below.

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Full Course Information

These courses are designed to provide Doctors and related health professionals with knowledge and skills in a range of Dermatology and skin health areas to develop their expertise and confidence in dealing with patients who present with dermatological conditions. It aims to assist you in the day-to-day management of these patients and in making the decision as to when to refer a patient to a Dermatologist. 

Completion of this course does not provide you with qualifications in dermatology or guarantee you access into the ACD Specialist Training Program. In order to practice as a Specialist Dermatologist you must complete the ACD Specialist Training Program. Information on the Training Program requirements are outlined here:

Becoming a Dermatologist