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The College is committed to providing high quality, accessible and evidence-based information and advice to patients and the community.

The A to Z of Skin is an evidence-based resource with information developed by dermatologists to help you understand about common skin conditions and problems, their causes and how they may be treated.

Public educational initiatives such as lectures, workshops and media interviews are undertaken by College Fellows on a regular basis.

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As part of our advocacy initiative, the College is developing patient fact sheets to support our position statements on a range of topics. These resources provide advice and guidance to the community on topics such as topical corticosteroids, sun protection and skin cancer in Australia.

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Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC)’s Top tips for safe health care is designed to help patients, their families and carers get the most out of their health care.

You can use the information in the booklet when you talk to your doctor, to help keep you informed about your healthcare and treatment.

The College partners with and promotes information on skin conditions developed by our national colleagues.