ACD Approved Mohs Micrographic Surgeons

ACD Approved Mohs Micrographic Surgeons

The Australasian College of Dermatologists maintains a list of doctors who have reached a defined standard of training in Mohs Micrographic Surgery and who take part in ongoing professional development. This ensures quality and safety for patients.

To become a Mohs surgeon in Australia, a trained specialist Dermatologist must undertake a minimum of 1-2 years approved Mohs surgery training or equivalent Mohs Fellowship program and meet specific requirements.

The doctors on the ACD Approved Mohs Micrographic Surgeons register are both Fellows of the Australasian College of Dermatologists (FACD) and accredited Mohs surgeons. They adhere to the following benchmarks of quality by:

  • Ensuring that 90% of Mohs cases are carried out in difficult sites including the head and neck, lower leg, hands, digits or anogenital area
  • Maintaining practical skills by undertaking a minimum number of 50+ Mohs cases per year totalling not less than 150 over a 3-year period
  • 13 or more section cases (MBS 31002 or 31005) should in volume terms make up the minority of practice.
  • Participating in an annual quality assurance program in diagnostic dermatopathology run by the Royal Australasian College of Pathology Quality Assurance Program.
  • Participating in the ACD Mohs group which sets professional standards for the practice of Mohs surgery in Australia under the auspices of the Australian Medical Council.
  • Analysis of 2016-2018 Mohs group caseload data shows the mean number of cases per year was 300. The standard deviation was 200. Members of the group who carry out over 700 cases per year (2 SD above mean) should consider why their practice is different in terms of volume to the majority of colleagues. A reflective review of practice against current guidelines and peer practice should be undertaken. This benchmark will be reviewed annually and Mohs group results promulgated to all college members

The Australasian College of Dermatologists has approved the following Fellows as Mohs surgeons:

New South Wales

Dr Adrian See – Sydney
Dr Andrew Satchell – Sydney
Dr Chin-Yun Lin (FRACP) – Sydney
Dr Christopher Kearney – Sydney
Dr Derek Davies – Orange
A/Prof Duncan Stanford – Kiama & Sydney
Dr Eleni Yiasemides – Sydney
Dr Gilberto Moreno – Sydney
Dr Howard Studniberg – Sydney
Dr Liang Joo Leow – Sydney
Dr Michael Lee – Sydney
Dr Michelle Hunt – Sydney
Dr Nicholas Stewart – Sydney
Dr Phillip Artemi – Sydney

Dr Rhonda Harvey – Sydney
A/Prof Robert Paver – Sydney
Dr Sam Kalouche – Sydney
Em.Prof Shawn Richards – Sydney
Dr Simon Lee* – Sydney
Dr Tai Phan
Dr Tanya Gilmour – Sydney
Dr Tasman Lipscombe – Sydney
Dr William Ryman – Sydney


Dr Brian De’Ambrosis – Brisbane
Dr David Francis – Brisbane
Dr Dougal Coats – Toowong
Dr John Coates – Toowoomba
Em.Prof John Pagliaro – Brisbane
Dr Karyn Lun – Brisbane
Dr Perry Wilson – Toowoomba
Dr Russell Hills – Brisbane
Dr Zoran Gaspar* – Brisbane

South Australia

A/Prof Shyamala Huilgol – Adelaide
Dr Todd Wiadrowski – Adelaide


Dr Adam Sheridan – Melbourne
Dr Bonnie Swan – Melbourne
Dr Boon Tan – Melbourne
Dr David Gill* – Melbourne
Dr Edward Upjohn – Melbourne
Dr Eugene Tan – Melbourne
Dr Jeremy Banky – Melbourne
Dr Lauren Young – Melbourne
Dr Philip Bekhor – Melbourne
Dr Ray Cocciolone – Ballarat
Dr Rohan Crouch – Melbourne
Dr Suresh Chandra – Melbourne
Dr Tim Rutherford – Melbourne
A/Prof Greg Goodman- Melbourne

Western Australia

A/Prof Carl Vinciullo* – Perth
Dr Daram Singh – Perth
Dr Ernest Tan – Perth
Dr Glen Foxton – Perth
Dr Graham Thom – Perth
Dr Harvey Smith – Perth
Dr Kate Borchard – Perth
Dr Paul Cherian – Perth
Dr Timothy Elliott* – Perth
Dr Yee Jen Tai – Perth

Internationally Affiliated Members of the ACD.
New Zealand

Dr Todd Gunson
Dr David Lim
Dr Peggy Chen (FRACP)

*Director of ACD approved Mohs Micrographic Surgery Training.