Community Engagement

Community Engagement

The Australasian College of Dermatologists’ mission is to lead the achievement of first class dermatology care and skin health for our communities. The College is working to improve outcomes and quality of life for all Australians affected by skin conditions, by:

  • Being the prominent source of accessible and trusted information and advice on skin health and skin-related issues
  • Working with the community to make sure our activities and educational programs meet the needs of patients and their carers
  • Advocating for patients, the community and the profession on health policy and promoting advancement in dermatology care, science and research.

The College is actively working with the community in a number of ways.


The Community Engagement Advisory Committee provides strategic advice to the College on community issues in dermatology, including patient needs and priorities, advocacy and engagement initiatives and the impact of College’s education and training programs.


The College works collaboratively with patient support groups to gain insight into their unique experiences and to help build connections between dermatologists and patients.


Working with community and consumer organisations is helping the College to promote awareness and information on skin cancer, skin health and improving care.


The College is involved in overseas aid projects, including support for the International League of Dermatological Societies and the Regional Dermatology Training Centre in Moshi, Tanzania. College Fellows have volunteered in Nauru, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Peru, East Timor and East Africa.