College Policies

College Policies

General Policies
Training Policies
Higher Education Policies
International Medical Graduates Policies
Fellow Policies
Continuing Professional Development Policies


General Policies 
Anti-Bullying / Discrimination / Harassment Policy
Anti-Bullying / Discrimination / Harassment Procedure
Consumer and Community Engagement Policy
Mentoring Policy
Position and Consensus Statement Policy
Procedural Fairness Policy
Professional Code of Ethics
Reconsideration, review and appeals policy
Reconsideration, review and appeals procedure
Risk Management Policy

Education Policies

 Training Policies 
Academic Misconduct Policy
Candidate in Difficulty Policy
FACD/PhD Policy
Overseas Placement Policy
Patient Safety Policy
Patient Safety Procedure
Post-Training Candidate Policy
Reasonable Adjustment Policy
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
Religious Observance Policy
Special Consideration in Candidate Examinations and Assessments Policy
Training Charter
Training Program Fees Policy
Training Program Fees
Unsuccessful Fellowship Follow-up Policy
Unsatisfactory Performance by Candidates
Variation of Training Policy
Withdrawal policy for Examinations


 Higher Education Policies 
Academic Awards Framework/Policy
Academic Freedom Policy
Academic Misconduct Policy
Admissions Policy
Admissions Decisions
Assessment Policy
Complaints/Grievances Policy
Course Teach Out Policy
Equity and Access Policy
Fees and Refunds Policy
General Regulations Governing the Award: Master’s (Coursework)
Graduate Attributes
Reasonable Adjustment Policy
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
Student Wellbeing
Supervisor Selection Policy
Transcripts/Statement of Attainment/Testamurs Policy
Tuition Assurance Policy


International Medical Graduates Policies 
IMG Area of Need Assessment Policy
IMG Fellowship Eligibility Policy
IMG Short Term Training Position Policy
IMG Specialist Recognition Assessment Policy
IMG Failed SITAs Policy


Fellow Policies 
ACD Logo Guidelines
FACD Logo Guidelines
Committee Membership and Chair-elect Policy
Conflict of Interest Fellows and Relatives, Committees
Director of Training, Supervisor of Training and Clinical Supervisor Positions Policy
Selection of Examiners for the FACD Program
Retirement of Fellows


Continuing Professional Development Policies
Audit Policy
Dual Fellowships Policy
Mandatory Participation Policy
Providers Policy
Recency of Practice Policy
Return to Practice Policy
Unsatisfactory CPD Performance by a Fellow Policy