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Find an ACD Approved Mohs Specialists

The Australasian College of Dermatologists maintains a list of doctors who have reached a defined standard of training in Mohs Surgery and who take part in ongoing professional development. To become a Mohs specialist, an FACD qualified specialist dermatologist must undertake an additional one to two years of intensive specialist training and meet specific requirements. This ensures quality and safety for patients.

What is Mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery is an advanced technique that ensures complete removal of skin cancers with minimal loss of surrounding tissue. It involves removal and comprehensive analysis and mapping of excised tumour tissue under the microscope, in order to determine the exact nature and extent of the tumour.

Mohs surgery delivers the highest cure rate of all methods of skin cancer removal (over 95%). The tumour is completely removed with minimal loss of normal surrounding tissue, leaving the smallest possible defect and ensuring a better cosmetic result.

Current evidence in support of Mohs surgery has been assessed and outlined in this submission to the Cancer Council.

Click here for more information on Mohs Surgery.

The Australasian College of Dermatologists has approved the following Fellows as Mohs Specialists:

Dr Adrian See – Sydney
Dr Andrew Satchell – Sydney
Dr Chin-Yun Lin (FRACP) – Sydney
Dr Christopher Kearney – Sydney
Dr Derek Davies – Orange
A/Prof Duncan Stanford – Kiama & Sydney
Dr Eleni Yiasemides – Sydney
Dr Gilberto Moreno – Sydney
Dr Howard Studniberg – Sydney
Dr Liang Joo Leow – Sydney
Dr Michael Lee – Sydney
Dr Matthew Lin – Sydney
Dr Michelle Hunt – Sydney
Dr Nicholas Stewart – Sydney
Dr Phillip Artemi – Sydney
Dr Rhonda Harvey – Sydney
A/Prof Robert Paver – Sydney
Dr Sam Kalouche – Sydney
Dr Shivam Kapila – Sydney
Dr Simon Lee* – Sydney
Dr Tai Phan – Sydney
Dr Tanya Gilmour – Sydney
Dr Tasman Lipscombe – Sydney
Dr William Ryman – Sydney

*Director of ACD approved Mohs Surgery Training.

Dr Adam Quinn – Brisbane
Dr Brian De’Ambrosis – Brisbane
Dr David Francis – Brisbane
Dr Dougal Coates – Brisbane
Dr John Pagliaro – Brisbane
Dr Karyn Lun – Brisbane
Dr Lauren Young – Brisbane
Dr Perry Wilson – Toowoomba
Dr Russell Hills – Brisbane
Dr Simon Tucker – Cairns
Dr Zoran Gaspar* – Brisbane

*Director of ACD approved Mohs Surgery Training.

Prof Shyamala Huilgol – Adelaide
Dr Todd Wiadrowski – Adelaide

Dr Adam Sheridan – Melbourne
Dr Amit Verma – Melbourne
Dr Bonnie Swan – Melbourne
Dr Boon Tan – Melbourne
Dr David Gill – Melbourne
Dr Edward Upjohn – Melbourne
Dr Eugene Tan – Melbourne
A/Prof Greg Goodman- Melbourne
Dr Jeremy Banky – Melbourne
Dr Philip Bekhor – Melbourne
Dr Ray Cocciolone – Ballarat
Dr Rohan Crouch – Melbourne
Dr Suresh Chandra – Melbourne
Dr Tim Rutherford – Melbourne

A/Prof Carl Vinciullo* – Perth
Dr Daram Singh – Perth
Dr Ernest Tan – Perth
Dr Glen Foxton – Perth
Dr Graham Thom – Perth
Dr Harvey Smith – Perth
Dr Kate Borchard – Perth
Dr Paul Cherian – Perth
Dr Timothy Elliott* – Perth
Dr Yee Jen Tai – Perth

*Director of ACD approved Mohs Surgery Training.

New Zealand

Dr David Lim
Dr Todd Gunson
Dr Peggy Chen (FRACP)