Cosmetic dermatology

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Posted 10 months ago

Enrolments for the Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Dermatology in semester 1, February 2020 are now open. Information on enrolment, course outline and assessments can be found here.

This course, written by Fellows and in collaboration with the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatology ( ASCD) comprises four core subjects and a basic research pre/co-requisite subject.

The course has a theoretical base, covering a range of key areas, which may be considered ‘foundational’ to further advancement in the development of knowledge and skills in the field of cosmetic dermatological practice. It focuses on the principles, concepts and theory that underpin the sub-domain of dermatological practice that is cosmetic dermatology.

The Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Dermatology is designed to encompass and provide opportunity for students to learn in environments that nurture the scholarship of discovery, integration and application. To find out more about the cosmetic dermatology qualifications, go to the College website.