New research reveals drugs for skin cancer

New research reveals drugs for skin cancer

Cutting edge cancer research reveals that aspirin in combination with a cancer inhibitor drug slows the growth of RAS mutant melanoma.

The research was undertaken by dermatologists from the University of Queensland’s Diamantina Institute, Translational Research Institute.

College Fellow, Dr Helmut Schaider, who led the research says: “Cancers with RAS mutations, including a sub-set of melanomas, can be unresponsive or become resistant to current treatments. Using RAS mutant melanoma and lung cancer preclinical models, the study showed that the effectiveness of a cancer inhibitor drug called sorafenib was significantly improved when combined with aspirin and could benefit patients with RAS mutant cancers, which are hard to treat cancers.”

“It is the activation of two independent pathways in RAS mutant cancers by both drugs which kills tumour cells very effectively, thus potentially increasing life expectancy. I hope that this research will be translated in clinical trials soon, potentially benefiting patients by adding a cheap and easily available medication to improve their response to cancer therapy.”

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