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Posted 1 year ago

Congratulations to the following 22 candidates who satisfied the National Examinations Committee in all phases and will be presented for Fellowship candidature in due course:

Dr Alvand Amiri, NSW
Dr Fetemeh Parisa Arianejad, NSW
Dr Jessica Bale, NSW
Dr Alvin Chia, NSW
Dr Niranthari Chinniah, NSW
Dr Adam Harris, NSW
Dr Andrew Lee, NSW
Dr Alicia O’Connor, NSW
Dr Dana Slape, NSW
Dr Lisa Byrom, QLD
Dr Heba Jibreal, QLD
Dr Sudipta Sinnya, QLD
Dr Matthew Cho, SA
Dr Georgina Harvey, SA
Dr Janet Kim, SA
Dr Eleni Anthony, VIC
Dr Joshua Elakis, VIC
Dr Jane Li, VIC
Dr Aaron Robinson, VIC
Dr Su-Lin Chan, WA
Dr Louise O’Halloran, WA
Dr Niamh O’Sullivan, WA.