What is it? Also known as … Xeroderma, Dry Skin, Xerosis Cutis, Asteatosis or mild form of Acquired Ichthyosis Xerosis is a common condition which occurs when the outer layer of the skin becomes dehydrated. The skin loses its suppleness and small splits and/or cracks appear, followed by flaking or scales. The skin can become […]

Xeroderma Pigmentosum

What is it? Xeroderma pigmentosa (XP) is a rare genetic condition which is characterised by extreme sun sensitivity. It manifests as skin pigmentation changes, sunburns and an increased risk of skin cancers. Approximately one quarter of affected individuals will have associated neurological manifestations. Image used with permission   Image used with permission What causes it? […]


What is xanthoma? A xanthoma is a yellow-orange lump in the skin made up of fat. The fat within xanthomas accumulates within a type of immune cell, called macrophages. What causes xanthoma? Xanthomas have various types according to their clinical presentation. Different types of xanthomas have different causes and associations. While many xanthomas are idiopathic, […]