Nagashima Disease

Also known as … Prurigo Pigmentosa or Keto Rash. Prurigo Pigmentosa is a rare skin condition characterised by a recurrent itchy, red rash that can leave behind a dark net like mark. More


What are they? Also known as … anti-wrinkle injections or treatments, cosmetic injections, onabotulinumtoxin A, abobotulinumtoxin A, incobotulinumtoxin A and Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin® Neurotoxins are a group of substances that are used in dermatology to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). They are also used to reduce wrinkles, most commonly those around the eyes and on […]

Necrolytic Migratory Erythema

What is it? Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn is a type of fat inflammation (panniculitis). It is a rare and transient condition that results in the development of red, firm and deep lumps in the fatty layer of the skin. Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn typically affects full-term neonates in the first 2-3 […]

Naevus Comedonicus

What is it? Also known as … Comedonal naevus, Follicular keratotic naevus and Pilosebaceous naevoid disorder. Naevus comedonicus is a rare type of epidermal nevus. A benign overgrowth derived from a hair follicle unit. It is a condition that shows equal prevalence across all races and sexes. Although most cases arise sporadically, familial clustering has […]

Non Tuberculous Mycobacteria

The most common skin infections seen in Australia are caused by members of a subgroup of mycobacteria called Atypical Mycobacteria, commonly found in soil, water and other animals.

Necrobiosis Lipoidica

What is Necrobiosis Lipoidica? Necrobiosis lipoidica is a rare skin condition which typically affects the lower legs. It is characterized by shiny red yellow plaques which usually enlarge and persist for years. It is 3 times more common in women than in men. It affects all races and can occur at any age, although most […]

Naevus spilus

Naevus spilus Also known as speckled lentiginous naevus, zosteriform lentiginous naevus What is naevus spilus? Naevus spilus is a type of birthmark that consists of a flat brown background patch containing darker brown spots or tiny bumps. What causes it? Naevus spilus is caused by a localised defect in melanoblasts (the forerunners of pigment cells) […]

Naevus of Ota (NOO) and Ito (NOI)

Naevus of Ota (NOO) and Ito (NOI) What is it? Naevus of Ota is a pigmented birthmark that is slate-brown or blue/grey in colour. When examined under a microscope, the pigmented naevus cells are found in the deep layer of the skin (dermis). What causes it? The precise cause is unknown. However, GNAQ or GNA11 […]

Neonatal lupus erythematosus

Neonatal lupus erythematosus What is neonatal lupus? Neonatal lupus is an autoimmune disease. It occurs when an antibody is transferred from the mother to the baby. The antibody can affect the baby’s skin, heart, liver, blood and brain. Neonatal lupus is rare with an incidence of 1 in 20,000 pregnancies. It most commonly presents with […]