Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy

What is it? Also known as … Recurrent Cholestasis of Pregnancy, Obstetric Cholestasis, Cholestasis of Pregnancy, Recurrent Jaundice of Pregnancy, Cholestatic Jaundice of Pregnancy, Idiopathic Jaundice of Pregnancy, Prurigo gravidarum, Icterus Gravidarum What is it? Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy is a rare liver condition which causes an itchy skin. There is no rash but the […]


Ichthyosis Also known as late onset ichthyosis, for more information please see Acquired Ichthyosis

Insect bite reactions

Insect bite reactions Insects are small animals with six legs and a hard protective outer shell called an exoskeleton. Most insects have wings and antennae. They belong to the Phylum Arthropoda which contains more sub groups (species) than any other grouping of animals. Mosquitoes, flies, ticks and fleas are the main cause of bites and […]

Intralesional steroids

Intralesional Steroids What are they used for? Intralesional steroids are injected under the surface of the skin by the treating doctor. They include triamcinolone acetonide and betamethasone acetate. This treatment is chosen when the main problem is deeper in the skin or when the top layer of the skin is very thickened, preventing penetration of […]

Injectable fillers for volumisation

Injectable fillers for volumisation Also known as dermal fillers What is volumisation using dermal filler? Injectable fillers are an effective treatment to replace or add volume to the face. Volumisation may enhance existing features (e.g. lip and cheek augmentation) or replace facial fullness lost during the aging process. Dermal fillers are often used for facial […]


Impetigo Also known as school sores What is impetigo? Impetigo is an infection of the skin that can be passed from person to person. It can affect skin that is intact (known as primary impetigo) or skin that is already compromised with cuts, abrasions, insect bites or other skin conditions such as eczema (known as […]