Hori’s Naevus

What is it? Also known as … Acquired Naevus of Ota-like Macules (ABNOM) and Naevus Fusco-caeruleus Zygomaticus What is Hori’s nevus? Hori’s Naevus presents as benign (harmless) blue-grey to grey-brown patchy and spotty pigmentation on the prominence of the cheeks. The condition usually appears in adulthood. It is most common in middle-aged Asian women. The […]

Herpes Labialis

What is it? Herpes labialis, also known as “cold sores”, is a common blistering viral infection of the lip or around the mouth.  Also known as fever blisters or herpes febrilis. What causes It? Herpes labialis is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). HSV can produce primary (initial infection) and recurrent eruptions of herpes […]