ACD Approved Mohs Surgery Training 2019 position The Skin Hospital, Sydney

Posted 5 years ago

The Skin Hospital consists of two centres of excellence experienced in the training of Mohs specialists. Training is in Sydney and based over two sites including Darlinghurst and Westmead. The Skin Hospital provides a range of dermatological services, though most notably Mohs surgery, performing a significant number of cases each year. The patient population is largely drawn from metropolitan Sydney and rural NSW though does receive patients from both interstate and overseas.

There are currently seventeen specialist dermatologists trained in Mohs surgery working between the two sites, most of whom have years of experience in both performing Mohs surgery and training other Mohs specialists.

An exciting opportunity exists for a candidate to fill a vacancy in 2019 to undergo training in all aspects of Mohs surgery, under the guidance of several highly experienced Mohs specialists including A/Prof Robert Paver, Dr Shawn Richards, Dr Michelle Hunt and Dr Simon Lee (course director).

Training is for a period of 12 months, commencing early February and involving 3-4 full working days per week.

The course requirements include involvement in a minimum of 500 cases over the twelve months. More details are available on the College website.

To apply please complete the online application form

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