About ACD


Rural Outreach

Many College Fellows provide critical dermatology outreach services to regional, rural and remote areas of Australia.

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International Outreach

The College is involved in overseas aid projects, including support for the International League of Dermatological Societies and the Regional Dermatology Training Centre in Moshi, Tanzania. College Fellows have volunteered in Nauru, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Peru, East Timor and East Africa.


Developing an International Strategy in ACD 2020-2040

Following the 2017-19 World Congress Bid effort, Australian dermatology had its profile raised by exposure to colleagues and key world leaders. There was a belief that this had “put Australia back on the map again”. Such exists to be capitalised upon, but beyond pursuing a future World Congress Bid, the wider purpose is to advance Australian dermatology by being an international citizen in dermatology, and learning from the opportunities.

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