The College is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected, appointed and co-opted by the College membership. The Board meets regularly to discuss matters of governance and items that are brought to their attention via the State Faculty Chairs or the various Board related committees. In association with the College Management Committee, the Board sets the five year rolling Strategic Plan which is updated annually. There are five State faculties:

  1. NSW (including ACT)
  2. Victoria (including Tasmania)
  3. Queensland
  4. South Australia (including Northern Territory)
  5. Western Australia

All committees which have an education brief report to the National Education Committee whose Chair sits on the Board of Directors. College has a large number of other committees, the most important from a governance perspective being the Audit Committee and the Risk Management Committee.

The Directors of College are required to reveal any pecuniary or professional interest which is in conflict, has the potential to be in conflict or might be perceived to be in conflict, with their duty as a member of the Board of Directors At each Board meeting, Directors are required to sign a Declaration of Interest and to speak to them at the Board meeting. The declarations of pecuniary and professional interest of the Directors are currently as follows:

Board of Directors

Associate Professor David Francis MBBS FACD

Associate Professor David Francis MBBS FACD has been a Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD) for more than 25 years, previously having graduated in Medicine from the University of Queensland.


Dr Clare Tait, FACD

Dr Clare Tait works as a dermatologist in private practice at Dermatology Specialist Group in Perth , where she is a founding and current Director. She is the visiting dermatologist to the Kimberley area of Western Australia and has also worked in the dermatology department at Royal Perth Hospital for 20 years. She publishes regularly in peer review journals and has always been involved in teaching medical students, GPs and specialist dermatology trainees. She has previously served on the College Board as Dean of Education, having been actively involved in College committee work, and acting as a guest examiner, since she became a Fellow in 2002.

Dean of Education

Dr Adriene Lee, FACD

Dr Adriene Lee has been a dermatologist since 2005 and works both in public hospitals and private practice . She has an interest in medical dermatology and the subspecialty of contact dermatitis. She has a particular interest in teaching and education, and has been actively involved in various College committees since 2005.

Board Member

Professor Ingrid M Winship, MBChB, MD (Human Genetics), FRACP, FACD

Ingrid Winship is a Professor of Adult Clinical Genetics at the University of Melbourne (2006-) and a Director of Genetic Medicine, Melbourne Health (2006).

Board Member

Miss Genevieve Dolan

Miss Dolan is a senior executive working in media and public relations, corporate communications, crisis and reputation management and brand and advertising.

Board Member

Mr Phillip Hyde

Declarations of interest: Haileybury College- Director Athenaeum Club of Melbourne- Director Cricket Victoria – Director

State Faculty Members
New South Wales
Chair Dr Keng Chen
Chair-Elect Dr Li-Chuen Wong
Secretary Dr Rebecca Saunderson
Treasurer Dr Sophie Bakis-Petsoglou
DoT (Advanced) Dr Li-Chuen Wong
DoT (Basic) Dr Stephen Donoghue
Chair Dr Amanda Godbolt
Chair Elect Dr Dougal Coates
Secretary Dr Karen Behne
Treasurer Dr Karen Behne
DoT (Advanced) Dr Godfrey Wagner
DoT (Basic) Dr Samantha Conias
South Australia
Chair Dr Romuald Czechowicz
Secretary Dr Jeffery Wayte
Treasurer Dr Stuart Murray
DoT Dr Emma Haverhoek
Chair Dr Paul Curnow
Secretary Dr Julia Rhodes
Treasurer Dr Peter Berger
DoT Dr Hugh Roberts
Victorian Welfare and Engagement Officer Dr Catherine Scarff
Western Australia
Chair Dr Tony Caccetta
Secretary Dr Austen Anderson
Treasurer Dr Gary Maloney
DoT Dr Yee Jen Tai
Executive Member Dr Thomas Delaney