Specialist Training Program

The Specialist Training Program


The Specialist Training Program (STP) is a Federal Government Initiative providing support to enable medical specialist trainees to rotate through an expanded range of settings beyond traditional public teaching hospitals.

From 1 January 2010, STP became the single platform for Commonwealth grants support for specialist training initiatives. The aims and objectives of this program are to:

  • increase the capacity of the health workforce to train specialists;
  • better train specialists with education that matches the nature of demand and reflects the way health services are delivered;
  • develop networked specialist training arrangements, which are:
    • integrated series of accredited training sites focusing on providing health care, through which trainees may rotate in the pursuit of specialist qualification
    • based on health service delivery requirements of a region with the education potential of training sites being matched to the health service delivery potential inherent in increased availability of a specialist trainee workforce

The specialist medical colleges have been contracted by the Commonwealth to manage STP grants for their specialty. The ACD manages all dermatology training grants and support funds. Institutions which receive STP grants must contract with the College as the STP grants manager.

For more information view the STP Operational Framework on the Department’s website http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/content/work-pubs-spec-fram